Fashion Resolutions for 2015

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The New Year has arrived and January has almost passed. However, you still have time to set up a good list of goals for the next eleven months: it is never too late to change or improve your lifestyle!

We are sure that probably most of you have made the resolution of a “healthy lifestyle”: going to the gym a few times a week, maintaining a good diet and drinking tons of water. Or maybe you have decided to travel or meet new people.

Nevertheless, making a list of things you want to do and sticking to it is a good strategy not to waste your time! The main goal should be to become a better version of yourself.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you can also do something you have never done before. Every year has its special trends and, as you have noticed, your style evolves parallel to them, whether you want it or not.

So why not you get inspired by some fashion resolutions that we will offer you?

Maybe you have always wanted to improve your closet, so why not start now?

  • Stop trying to choose the most flattering pieces and compromising with comfort, taste and things like that! Beauty is something extremely subjective and as long as you are wearing your outfit with confidence and you are true to yourself, there should not be a problem.
  • Give up too sexy pieces and embrace “subtle” sexy clothes. We are constantly being bombarded by pictures of sexy women in short, bodycon dresses on social media. However, the right guy will be attracted by you whether you are wearing high-waisted jeans or something that can be very flattering, but not… Let’s say, less respectable.
  • Embrace sneakers, too! If you have been avoiding the sneaker trend, which is huge, you should definitely stop doing so! Right now there are lots of stylish and elegant pairs which are both comfortable and will add a different sense to your outfit.
  • You should not follow the thousands of women who feel that contrast is the way to build outfits and mix girly with grunge. If you want to be simply feminine in your style, just do it! You do not need to pair pretty floral dresses with chunky black shoes to be fashionable. Fashion is about interpretation, so do not feel that you need to alleviate one of the extremes with the other.
  • This leads us to something very essential you need to understand: leave behind any fashion rules you have heard about! Again, fashion is an art, so it is something you are creating on your own when mixing and matching pieces. If you like wearing pink and red, you should do it! Maybe you friend will hate the color combination, but, after all, she is not wearing it, isn’t she?
  • Be bolder! If you have feared that you cannot pull off a certain look, you need to gain more confidence and try. It may turn out as something great. And even if it is a mistake, you should not be scared: people care a lot less than you think. Dress for yourself!
  • Last but not least, quit your habits. We all have some more “boring”, go-to outfits; however, if you want to make your style more edgy or interesting, plan your looks in advance and make them a little more interesting.