Faux Braid For Your Elegant Look


Every woman should be prepared to take care about her beauty without a professional help. I know that it sounds scary, but it isn’t, it is even a pleasure to take care of yourself.

Let’s say that you have to visit a fancy, elegant dinner party, but you don’t have the money or the time to book an appointment at the beauty salon, that’s the moment when you will need to apply your skill about preparing an elegant hairstyle, beautiful makeup and choosing the perfect outfit.

Now, let’s start with the hairstyle and then we will move to the other part of your look that need to be enhanced:

This trick is really easy and looks great – the faux braid as a low chignon.

So, wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer and a brush in order to create smooth and straight texture of the hair.

Then comb it to the back and start to work on it. You will need several elastic hair bands and a hair spray. Here is the technique:

  • Make a small, low ponytail behind the ear. Then make another know and connect them as it is shown in the picture.
  • Keep doing that routine until you ‘braid’ the whole hair this way. Make sure that the decoration is going horizontally.
  • Secure it with bobby┬ápins and hair spray.
  • Tuck the excess hair under the decoration.
  • One last spritz of the hair spray in order to prevent any flying hairs.
  • Now make the traditional pin-up girl makeup – cat-eye liner and red lipstick. If the red color is not matching your skin complexion, you can choose any other dark color that you like and match your skin.
  • An elegant┬ácocktail dress will flatter your body and the whole look.

Enjoy the night!