Fix A Crack In Wet Nail Polish


The nail art became a real thing these days. We care way too much about the decorations on our nails, and we often forget that the natural looking state of nails, skin and hair is way more beautiful than the “too much” effect. Today I want to discuss some beauty problems and tacky issues about your nail art and designs. Lets share some knowledge and the feedback is a must-do. I want to know your tricks for saving your nail art last longer, or how you keep your nails strong and healthy. See what I have in mind:
There are a few rules for having a long lasting nail art.

  • Always remove some natural nail oil or hand cream leftovers from your nails with a cotton swab, dipped in white vinegar. This little step will remove any layer of oily material that works as a barrier between your nail and the nail polish.
    I know that warm water really softens your cuticles and makes it easy for you to remove them, but once the nails are in the warm water, they start to widen and absorb the water. This means that when they cool down, they will shrink and the applied nail polish will crack.
  • Use a cuticle oil instead of the soaking.
  •  If you paint your nails before handling the cuticles, you will have a bad time after a few hours. The cuticles lift up the nail polish and lead to chipping. Push up the cuticles with a wooden pusher stick and then you can paint your nails with a nail polish.
  •  Use a sticky base coat before the application of the color you want. Unlikely the regular base coat, the sticky one will hold the nail art longer than you expect.
  • You can hide a gel manicure that has grown out with a decoration. Apply glitter nail polish to the base of the nail (right where the empty gap is) and create an Ombre effect in order to hide it until you visit your manicurist.
  • If it happens to smudge or chip nail polish (both wet and dry), don’t cover it with another layer of nail polish, otherwise you will end up with a bump on your nail. The right thing to do is to erase the smudge carefully with a cotton swab, dipped in nail polish remover and then apply another layer of nail polish to fill in the gap.