Flat Iron For Your Curly Hair


Don’t spend your money on a curling iron, when you can use your flat iron for curling too. I’m sure that you are familiar with the technique, which can create curls only by using a straightening iron.

I even think, that the curls that are created by the flat iron look way more beautiful and interesting, this texture also creates natural-looking effect on the hair. Take e look at the technique, which is really easy:

You have to remember about the damage of the hair from the heat. No matter what kind of heating tool you use, keep in mind that the heat is really bad for your hair, and for your skin too (just a reminder). Even when you wash your hair with hot water, you are damaging it. So, to sum up – protect your hair from the heat. You can achieve that protection with the help of a cosmetic product that is created right for this purpose – heat protection. There are a lot of brands that offer thermal protectors. Buy the one that you like the most and apply it every time you stylize your hair with heat.

  • So, the thermal protector is on, now apply a stylizing mousse in order to have long lasting curls.
  • Separate your hair into section so it will be easier for you to work on the strands. Start with the back bottom layer. Grab a strand and comb it, pinch it with the iron, close to the roots and wrap only one of the iron claws with the rest of the strand. Hold that a few seconds and release the curled strand.
  • Continue with that routine until you curl the whole hair.
  • Then spritz from a long distance a little bit of hair sprayer to hold the curls even longer and shape your head so the curls will merge together.
  • Done! Have fun and stay tuned for even greater ideas and tricks!