Food Crimes


All we want for ourselves is to look good and be healthy. We often read about diets and work outs. But we never actually think about what we really eat and how it affects us.
Just like there are fashion crimes it is the same thing with the food. There are things that are fat bombs. Yes, they might be delicious, but that doesn’t mean that we will live longer if we fulfill every craving we get.
So here are some of the words foods anyone could eat. In other words food crimes.

French fries
They might be called ‘french’ but there is nothing french or elegant about them. The whole world is eating them, because once you start you become a maniac. But this is not what you should be doing.
Fries are favorite for many, many people. Actually potatoes are good for you, but only if they are not fried. If you don’t use too much butter or oil actually you can make a great meal from potatoes.
But just avoid those awful fries. If you eat them often they will make you cholesterol levels high even at a young age. And that is not something you want!

As much as we love them for breakfast we should stop eating them. They at the same time are fried, has a load of calories and are eaten with whatever you could think of – jams, chocolate, butter, honey, cheese.
Pancakes are tasty. But eating them too often will make you look like a pancake. Also you will most definitely gain weight.

Fried bacon
Yep everyone loves bacon and consumes it. Even the fashion model Cara Delevigne has admitted to eat it often and made a tattoo which is the word ‘bacon’. Imagine how much of a love could someone have for that food.

Bacon is fried in grease. Grease is making cholesterol levels high and also eating that kind of food increases the chances of a heart attack.

Fast food
Fast food restaurants like Mc Donald’s, KFC, Burger King and many more are your worst enemy. They are all over the world. People don’t have time to prepare food.

Once you start loving it you can never go back. It is addictive and that is too awful. It is mainly burgers, with not that good of a meat. And sauces that are grease and fattening.

Instead of eating too much of those food, opt for a healthier version of what you love. For example make at home a veggie burger, without anything fried or sauces. Eat boiled potatoes only with salt. And remove the bacon from your eating habits.

Remember that it is not only about eating it is also about working out. So that you could feel best in your own skin.