Foods That Burn Down Fat


Burning down fat is not all about sport. It is about the way you live in a way. But getting a little (or much) exercise matters if you combine it with foods that burn down fat. Yes, there  are different kinds of things that you can include in your meal, that can help you lose those couple of last pounds you need to lose.

Green tea

Green tea is a known good for many people. It is not only good for your weight, but also for your heart. The green tea is an antioxidant and so it takes out of your body everything that you don’t really need.  This happens through the urinating process. When you drink green tea, this happens more often, so you immediately start loosing weight. Drink it firstly in the mornings for even better results.


This is good news for coffee lovers. Not only that it helps you wake up and have more power to exercise, it also will help you lose some weight. But, how? Coffee fastens the metabolism, which helps to burn down way more calories. But keeping in mind, all that happens, because coffee makes your blood pressure and pulse higher. So be careful. One coffee a day should do the trick, without it being bad for you.


Those fats are actually being good for you. They are consisting in nuts and fish and they help for a better function of your heart. And a good working heart is the best thing for you. Keeping a good health of your heart is the most important thing for your body and so it helps burning down fat. Just include


The avocado is good for many things. It turns out that the exotic fruit has also good influence on your weight. Eating it raw or in a salad at least a couple of days a week will help you lose some pounds. Years ago the avocado, wasn’t that popular, but since recently everyone is crazy about it. It turns out there is a good reason.


First of all the grapefruit will help your immune system. The fruit is very rich in Vitamin C, which you really do need more of in your body. Then, as you know, the grapefruit has a bitter taste, which is the thing that helps you with your weight. The bitter taste fastens your metabolism. Everything that fastens your metabolism is actually good for you. So take it in often – just peel it and eat it, in a fruit salad or have a freshly squeezed juice every morning. And by the way grapefruit is also amazing for your skin too.

Oat flakes

They might not be the dream food for some people, but they do work well for your digestive system – the good health of it actually helps it process food better. By including oat flakes in your diet, they will help your stomach to feel lighter and will eliminate the feeling of bloating.


This one is the most amazing of them all. So how does it work: it has very few calories in it. If you eat a lot of it, you actually burn more calories by digesting the celery, than actually what it has in it.   So instead of munching on awful food, you should now know what to eat. Also celery is very rich in water, which keeps you hydrated and eliminates the huger feeling.