Hairstyle Inspired By a Celebrity


The world is so old that we hardly can come up with an idea that hasn’t been already invented. Let’s not talk about huge stuff like technologies. Let’s start with the  simple stuff, like our look and style. You are a beautiful girl, who takes good care of her look, but the moment of the idea crises will come, if it’s not already here, and then  you will feel desperate and bored with those well-known styles, designs and creations. If you want to get out of the art depression you have to find a source for ideas, and this source is the world around you,  your everyday life. Search for an inspiration everywhere around you. One great idea for inspiration source is the life of celebrities. The best and most talented professionals work for their look, which can guarantee you that you will up to date with all the designs and styles.
Let’s take Lady Gaga as an example. Yes, she is very extravagant, but you can adjust her crazy look to daily situations. For instance, take her bow bun on the top of the head, it’s cute, but it’s a little bit much. You can adjust this detail to your hairstyle just by switching the place of the bow – to the back of your head. Take a look:

  • Separate your hair in two sections – top and bottom. Place your thumbs just above your ears and slide them to the back, grabbing hair as you go further. That’s your top section. Tie it into a ponytail tightly.
  • When you make the last prong, don’t pull the whole tail through the hair band, leave it folded. The size of the fold will define the size of the bow.
  • Then divide that fold in two equal parts – left and right.
  • Use the rest of the ponytail to make the middle element of the bow, just wrap the tail between the separated fold. Secure it with bobby pins.
  • Then twist the sections of the bow to make it look good and enjoy your adorable hairstyle!