Hairstyle Of Your Dreams


Many girls wished to become princesses when they were little. Including me. It is natural, because of the fairy tales and beautiful dresses of the princesses. But once we are adults we start to ignore and block the desire of becoming a princess. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that the dream of being a princess doesn’t come out eventually. The simplest way to recognize a true desire to be a princess is when you see the hair of the girl. If it reminds you of a princess look, then she truly wants to be a princess one day.

I think it is adorable to express your childish dreams into elegant details of your look. For instance, the peplum clothes and designs are nothing but a minimalistic version of the princesses’ gowns.

Today I will show you a hairstyle that reminds me of Belle, the princess from the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. It looks like a braid, but if you look closely, you will see that it is not a braid at all. Take a look and follow the steps if you like this hairstyle:

  • The results will turn right if your hair is long and layer-less. It will work on a layered haircut, if only the layers are long.
  • So, brush the hair and apply a stylizing mousse in order to work better and to prevent any flying hairs, which will ruin the hairstyle.
  • Brush the hair to the back and take half of the hair in one hand. Divide into two equal sections, but putting your index finger between the sections.
  • Twist the sections and cross them together.
  • Then, when you do the other cross, add a thick strand from the side. Do the same with the other cross, add a thick strand from the other side.
  • Keep up with that routine until you twist and cross the whole length of the hair.
  • Then roll it up into a beautiful chignon and secure it with bobby pins.


Hairstyle of your dreams