How About A Hanging Braid


If you are wondering what to do with your hair, you can always make an interesting braid to turn the ordinary hairstyle to a fancy one. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps, I’m sure you can handle it. Let’s get started:

For this hairstyle you need to have long hair. Sorry for the girls (like me) who decided that it will be so cool to cut your hair boyishly short. So, let’s get back to the long hairs. Here is what to do:

  • Brush your hair nicely and place it in front of the shoulder, choose your better side of the face and put the hair to the opposite side. Tie it into a one-side ponytail.
  • Then take a strand and wrap it around the hair band in order to hide it. Clip it at the back with bobby pin. You can spritz the pin with a little bit of hair spray in order to prevent sliding the strand of the bobby pin.
  • Now comes the time for the braiding part. Take three small sections of the ponytail and start making a regular braid.
  • After the third crossing start adding small sections of hair to the braid. Take those sections from the back of the ponytail.
  • Keep doing that until you reach the end of the ponytail.
  • Secure the braid with a small rubber hair band.
  • You can see how a regular, one-side ponytail can turn into a beautiful and sophisticated hairstyle. But keep in mind that  this hairstyle is a casual one, if you want to make it more elegant, you can roll it ponytail up and make a bun, wrap that bun with the hanging braid and enjoy the look.
  • Always match your hairstyle with your mood and the occasion and everything will work just fine. Have fun!