How to Deal With Dirty Hair


 The girls with flat straight hair are unlucky to deal with greasy hair when it gets dirty, while the girls with curly hair have to deal with messy and dry curls when the hair gets dirty. In my opinion, it is easier to moisturize the hair than to remove to oily roots without a spending so much time on washing the hair, and also, the hair mustn’t be washed too often, because the hot water is damaging the natural oils and glow of the strands. So, today I will neglect the girls with curly hairs (unless they need to deal with the greasy roots too) and we will talk about tricks and hacks about removing or hiding greasiness.

Recently, I read about that girl who hadn’t washed her hair for about 6 years. At first I was like “This must be one nasty picture”, but after I read the whole article and actually, I saw the picture of the girl, I was surprised by the power of the nature. During the first 2 months, her hair were disgusting indeed and she was washing it only with lukewarm water without a shampoo. Eventually, the hair started to look normal again and she never experienced the oily roots again. The hair was shiny and healthy and I bet that she saved a lot of money on shampoo, conditioner and other hair products, which are capable of ruining your Hawaii saving account. But if you are not ready for such a drastic measure, you can try to deal with it in some other ways. For instance, a dry shampoo. Apply it on the roots, rub a little bit and brush – voila, no oily roots for the day.

But when you don’t have enough time to play with the dry shampoo, you can just use a hairstyle with will hide the greasy roots. Often, these hairstyles are ponytails and chignons. Today I will show you an elegant bun. Take a look:

  1. Tie the hair into two low, close to each other ponytails.
  2. Braid each of the ponytails. Loosen the braids a little bit.
  3. Twist them and secure them with bobby pins.