How To Dress Like an Italian

how to dress like an italian

Buongiorno, ragazze! Have you dreamed about visiting Italy some time soon?

Well, me too! The food, the people, the scenery, the atmosphere, everything looks great there. Life is just sweeter there, not to mention fun. Italians know how to enjoy life, so when tourists go on vacation there, they just do not want to go home.

Well, if you are planning to pay a visit to this beautiful country soon and if you want to feel like a real Italian there, then you will need a how-to-dress-in-Italy guide. As you know, Italians are anything but tacky. Italian designers are some of the best in the world and everybody wants to wear them.

So, if you really want to dress like an Italian, here is what you have to do.

High Heels

italians wear high heelsIf you still do not know how to walk in high heels, it is about time to do it, because the Italians are very keen on beautiful shoes, and especially high heels. In Italy you will never, never have to walk in flip flops, no matter what the temperature is. This is considered bad taste, and you will never look like a real Italian woman with these kinds of shoes. So, make sure before you go to Italy to have a nice pair of closed shoes, and even better – high heels.

Do not forget the underwear
Some women think that just because underwear is not seen by the people around you, it means that you can wear some crappy granny panties. Well, this is not exactly true, especially when it comes to the summer month of the year. People wear less fabric, and sometimes, even if they do not realize it, their undies may show through.

So, when in Italy – do it like the Italians. They wear great underwear, no matter whether they are having sex tonight. In fact, wearing sexy underwear, makes one feel sexy in general. The secret is that you have to start from the inside out.

And this actually is a very good trick when you want to attract someone’s attention. In turns out that it is not always necessary to show your underwear to the object of your desire so that they want to take it off, if you know what I mean.

Emphasize your curves

Have you always been worried about your curves and envied skinny for the fact that they have nothing to hide and you do?

Well, a lot of women have such issues, but in Italy you will forget about them. Women like to accentuate their curves, because they know that this is beautiful and feminine. Italian men are fond of women with curves, so forget about hiding them. Some of the most famous Italian designers create dresses that accentuate ladies’ curves.

The secret is to accentuate this part of your body you feel most comfortable with. And who knows, it may turn out that you like your body more than you think, and when you go back home, to refill your wardrobe with a few dresses that you had no idea you would want to wear. You will only have to be careful not to show off too much skin, because you do not want to look tacky, but fashionable.

Statement bag

Another thing that is an absolute must when you are in Italy is the bag. You should never, never go out in Italy without wearing a nice handbag. And if you are wondering what type of bag to choose, you will never make a mistake if you choose something in gold. This is the ultimate favorite material in Italy.

You can also choose a leather bag – this is another great fabric when it comes to Italian fashion. If you want to match the Italian standards with a little bit of fun, then you can get one of those statement bags that are in the shape of an animal, or some other tool that modern-day society has forgotten about – flatters, old kinds of radios, or a compact cassette. With this kind of bag you will definitely catch the eyes of the people around you.

Do not forget about the sunglasses

In Italy your outfit just won’t be complete if you do not add a pair of sunglasses to it. Some people say that Italians love wearing sunglasses no matter the season, or the fact that the sun have still not risen, because it is not important what the weather it – the important thing is that you follow the fashion. Besides, wearing sunglasses protects your eyes not only from the sun, but it sometimes prevents small bugs and dust from getting into your eyes.

Dress formally

When you are attending an important social event in Italy, you have to be formally dressed (no, flip-flops, or other types of shoes that are not appropriate in formal environment).

As for the outfit, you can choose from these two options: a business-like dress, or a suit with a feminine touch to it. You can be attractive and feminine wearing business types of outfits. Do not forget to match the outfit with a nice pair of earrings, that are elegant, but at the same time are not too big or showy. And you will be absolutely stunning.