How To Fake a Braid


I think that the Internet is ruining the business of some people, for instance, the hair stylists. We learned how to make certain hair designs, which were unable to have unless we visit the hairstylist, but these skills are very important and they become really handy when you run out of time and money, but you still have to go on a date, party or business meeting. And the hair stylists who haven’t adjusted yet to the Social Media era, promoting themselves with videos, pictures, ads and so on, will have a hard time finding customers.
But let’s not think of them for now, I want to show you a great idea for a one-side hairstyle – it looks exactly like braid, but in fact it isn’t. Take a look:

  • Place your whole hair in front of the left/right shoulder and turn your head a little bit  in the opposite direction.
  • Separate the hair into two sections – top and bottom. Tie the top section into a low ponytail and make a hole between the hair band and the ear. Prong the bottom section through that hole to the out.
  • Then tie again with a rubber hair band the bottom section below the top one.
  • Keep doing that routine until  you reach the end of the tail.
  • You will say: Why is this necessary when you can make a simple braid? Yes, you are right, but this design makes the tail look fluffy and full of hair, while the braid will be tight and thin. If you try to loosen the strands of the braid, there is a big chance for them to stick out of the braid, while in this case, the braid will look fluffy and the layers of the hair will be secured with the rubber hair bands – your hairstyle will last longer. Enjoy it!