How To Fake Slimmer Body

slim body

We often wish for bodies just like the bodies of our favorite celebrities, but often it is hard to find time for the gym when you are working, studying, taking language class and have a boyfriend. Which automatically reorganizes the constant periods of meals, because one of the healthiest ways to stay fit is to eat regularly, every day at the same time.

But let me tell you a little secret – you can fake a slimmer body with a few simple tricks and we can see that some of the celebrities are using these tricks, because of the not-so-fit beach bodies they show us all the time.

So, I present you the

Ways to fake a hot body!

You are 25 and you think it is shameful to wear a Shapewear underwear, but believe, you’d better wear it for that important business cocktail, and not looking like a sausage in a net.  You might not have the time or the money to start visit a gym or dance classes, that’s why you are allowed to fake it once in a while. Think of the faking hot body as a makeup or hair extensions. It is just for a while.

slimmer looksIf you are trying to tighten up for a week with some exercises, you must skip the weightlifting, because the first week of weight lifting will pump you up and make your body swell, which will make it seem bigger and wider. Instead, try yoga or aerobics.

Find a tailor, which will work for the best look of your body. When it comes to good style and proper outfit, it is all about proper fitting. So, get your clothes tailored if your favorite dress isn’t  shaping you the way you want.

Play with the haircut and the makeup. Thinner face equals thinner looking body, and you are capable of creating the illusion of a thinner face with the proper hairstyle and the proper makeup. Consult with your hair stylist about your shape of face and the proper cut, which will flatter it. And as we mentioned the makeup, go for the contouring technique, it will make the difference, just try it.

There is a little trick for removing the loose chin – press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, this will tighten the chin and enhance the jaw line – you will look amazing in the pictures.

Spend a few minutes in front of the mirror just practicing your posture. Maybe you are tired of reading about the good posture every time you read an article for better body looking, but the knowledge about your better side or knowing how to stand is the best skill for making your body look slender.

how to look slim in jeansGo for high waist jeans and match them with similar color  high heels. Light & light or Dark & Dark colored items.

Go for illusion dresses.  You know them, right, those dresses that have darker outer panels at the hip areas and brighter panels at the center and the back, these are the silhouette dresses.

And when the event gets over, start with the workouts and the healthy diet plan. Stay fit and healthy, that’s the best way to look beautiful.