How to Fix a Bad Day Of Anything


Every woman could have a bad hair day or a bad day of anything connected with looks. And that is not something to be ashamed of, because most of the things that we find disaster-like are just normal nature things, that could be fixed in some easy steps.
So what do you do when you don’t feel good about something in you looks? Panic? No! You should be calm and apply some tricks to make you seem okay.

Baggy eyes
Good morning, baggy eyes. The are inevitable after too much sleep/not enough sleep, heavy crying/heavy drinking. In a situation like this one of the best solutions is loads of water. Start by having a couple of glasses in the morning before anything else.
You could apply some aloe vera to those puffy zones. You could do the same thing with a cube of ice. Just apply it with some circular movements under the eyes for not more than 5 seconds.

Bad hair day
We all know the trick with the dry shampoo, right? This one could be your forever savior in a hectic morning. Just spray some of it in the strands and then brush your hair very well.
Another trick is to use some conditioner (or if you have a special product for that) on your locks. That one is for the fuzzy heads. Just put some conditioner/product on you hands rub it in a bit and work you way through the hair with your fingers open.

Oh, no! It is that time of the month and some pimples are out! We don’t want them, so we should take the situation in our hands.
If the spot hasn’t already developed you could use an ice cube to help – wrap it in a towel or a handkerchief and massage over the area. Repeat a couple of hours to reduce the redness.
And of course if the sport is visible, just grab that concealer and do a good coverage.

Stains on your teeth
A white smile is a beautiful smile and also a perfect one. Stains could be caused by many, many things. If your teeth are already stained just be sure to avoid lipsticks (and glosses) that have orange, yellow and beige hues. This will make them appear more stained than what they are.
To trick everyone into thinking that your teeth are way whiter than what they are use a very bright lipstick – reds work best, but bright pinks or darker purples are okay too. The trick is in the contrast.

Chapped lips
Last, but not least we really do hate the chapped lips that you wouldn’t want to kiss with. The truth is that sometimes that is all you got. And if you don’t have a lip balm or vaseline around you (preferably the second one) you should find some olive oil and apply it to the lips with a finger. That is a good and fast solution. And also it works very well!

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