How to Handle Frizzy Hair


We all love those fabulous curls some lucky women have. Even though it is gorgeous, curly hair is not so easily treated as, for example, straight hair. So we are here to share with you a few tips for handling that naughty frizzy hair.

Brush your hair only after a shower. Even though brushing is good for the hair, it also stretches it and leads to breakage. Instead of brushing it while it is dry, towel dry your hair after a bath and then brush it or comb it. This will protect your hair from breakage and static electricity. And if you need to brush it and it is not your bath time yet, just wet your fingers and finger-comb your hair to tackle the frizz.

Speaking of showers, you can start with cleaning your hair with hydrating shampoo. If your hair is not well nourished, it can easily react to humidity. And we all know what this means, just think of Monica’s hair in the TV series “Friends” when it faced high humidity in Barbados. So to avoid such problems, moisturize your hair. This will allow your natural oils to condition your scalp and hair follicles.

The problem with frizzy hair is that is it dry. So use a conditioner to moisturize it. Apply it only in the tips of your hair using your fingers. You should also choose your hair tools that are designed specifically for your hair. For curly girls wide-tooth combs are the best. You can also use a round brush to smooth your hair while you blow it dry and that way the cuticles will be smooth. When you use a hairdryer do not forger to apply a protection spray as well. You can also try drying only your roots which is a prevention against split ends as well.

Of course, you should be careful with using hairdriers and curlers. The heat does not only damage your hair but it is also not very flattering for frizzy hair. Remember that if something is not healthy for your skin, this means it is not good for your hair either.

Alcohol is not good for your skin, avoid it if you want fresh and young skin. Thus, it is not very good for your hair either. It dries your hair out and makes your hair even frizzier. Use only alcohol-free products.

You can also use home remedies to control your frizzy hair. The best products for this purpose are carbonated water which will remove hair frizz caused by humidity, coconut oil or olive oil, mayonnaise and avocado conditioner, beer, bananas and apple cider vinegar. Choose the products that you like best and apply them regularly. And remember, moisturizing is everything.

Have a good hair day, curly girls!

© Bacho