How To Make Your Lashes Longer


Long lashes are one of the most beautiful features in a woman’s face – they make the eyes look wider and bigger and give the face a very feminine look. Unfortunately, long lashes are not something we have all been born with and some of us have to think us alternative ways to elongate our lashes – like makeup or false lashes, for example. For those of you who don’t want to wear falsies and prefer a more natural look, here I have some tips:

The most popular way to make your lashes grow faster and become longer is to apply natural oils before you go to bed. Almond, coconut or any other kind of oil that helps your hair become thicker and longer, will do the same thing for your lashes (and brows if you have a problem growing them). Take a cotton swab and gently apply a thin layer of the oil on your lashes before you go to sleep. Rinse with water in the morning.

The same thing goes for Vaseline. We all know that Vaseline is a universal remedy and can help many problems, including short lashes. Apply a layer on your lashes, go to sleep, rinse in the morning and in a couple of weeks you will definitely see the difference!

This one may sound weird, but when you think about it, it can actually work! You know how you have to massage your scalp to get the blood flowing and help with hair growth? Same goes for lashes. If you actually massage (gently!) your lids, you can help the lashes to grow faster and stronger. You can easily combine this with some of the other tips for faster results.

Taking vitamins is essential if you want long and think lashes (and hair). Vitamin E and A are the two vitamins that help the most with hair growth so you can either take them like a supplement or eat a lot of food that contains the two vitamins. You can find Vitamin E oil which you can apply directly on your lashes like the other natural oils.

Biotin is another supplement you can take to make your lashes grow bigger. Biotin is basically Vitamin B and is said to help with hair growth within just 3 months. If you combine it with the proper diet, you results will come sooner than you think!

The good diet is the key to a healthy body, skin and hair. If you take lots of vitamins (which means eat lots of fruits and vegetables) and add proteins to your diet, you hair along with your lashes will start looking better and grow a lot faster. Combine every tip I gave you and you will have lashes to die for in no time!