How to Match the Color of Your Manicure with the Color of Your Pedicure

Match manicure pedicure color

It is summer and we choose clothes and shoes that will keep us cool in the hot days. That is why this is the season when people show more flesh. And that is when you put on our sandals and show our beautiful toes to the world. Well, if women do not pay special attention to their manicure in the winter, they should do it in the summer.

And when you have nail polish both on your nails and toenails, it is a bit hard to match the nail polish with your outfits, because you definitely will be wearing more than one. But what you can do at least is to match the color of your nails with the color of your toenails. One way to do this, of course, is to use the same nail polish, but you can also have some color combinations. Here are the top combinations, which you can try this summer no matter whether you are on the beach or in the city.

#1 Nude and Neon

This combination is a huge hit on the runway, so you can try it as well. In this mani-padi we use two colors that not only complement each other, but they are also in balance. One of the colors, the nude one, is lighter, and will look great with a bolder color, which is the neon one. Apply the nude color on your nails, and the neon on your toenails. Do not worry, your toes won’t be the center of attention, but your whole look.

#2 Pastels

A lot of people think that pastel colors will look better in the colder months of the year, but this is not true. They can look amazing on your nails and toenails if only you know what combinations to try. Here you should remember one major rule – apply cooler nail polish tones on the toenails, and warmer ones on the fingers. For the toenails you cannot go wrong if you choose some blue or green nail polish. As for the nails, try orange or pink hues. You just cannot go wrong if you choose orange and green, your look will be fresh and summery.

#3 Summer Sunset

This is one of the fresher mani-padi combinations. It is not too much “in your face”, and yet will match some of the most loved color combinations in the world. This nail polish combination is called Summer Sunset, because the main colors are yellow and red. Pair a fresh lemon color for your nails with a vibrant red color for your toenails. And with the right summer accessories in your hair and hands, it will work like a charm.

#4 Mint and Silver

Some of the most popular summer cocktails are the ones that contain mint, or mint leaves. Well, what better inspiration for a cute and cooling mani-padi, than a nice, cool glass of cocktail, like Mojito. Of course, pick a mint polish for your nails, which will look great with your bronze summer tan. But you will also need another color for your toenails that will look great with the mint, and your tan. And this one would be a silver shimmery polish. These two colors will give you a nice vintage feeling when worn together.

#5 Deep in the Blue

As you can imagine, the name of this mani-padi combination is inspired of all the bright blue colors of the sea and the sky in the summer. That is why this combination will be in top 1 if you ask all the beach-lovers. Ride the wave with these hues of the blue. For your nails, choose the more subtle one of the hues, maybe one that looks more like a light sky blue color or baby blue. With your toenails, you can be bolder with your choice. You can absolutely choose darker blue, like Turkish blue. You can go overboard with it, because your toenails can wear it easily.

#6 Plum and Beige

This is a combination for those of you whose job does not allow them to experiment too much with colors, do not want to be too obvious, but still want something elegant and stylish. Plum and beige colors are the ones for you. As always, apply the bolder and darker color on your toenails, in this case the plum color, and the lighter and subtler one, the beige nail polish, apply on your nails. Some offices and institutions are not crazy about the idea of their employees wearing nail polishes. That is why you can hide the plum color in your shoes, and to show it when the right time comes.

Clever, chic, and elegant – all you can wish for a summer mani-padi for the office.