How To Surprise Your Half For the St. Valentine’s Day


The time has come – the Christmas holidays are over and it is time to switch the Christmas tree with pink and red paper hearts, candles and stuffed animals, and the Christmas carols with Love songs in your playlist. The St. Valentine’s Day is coming.

Prepare yourself.
Originally, the Valentine’s day is the holiday of the love, but in some places (in Slovenia, Europe) Saint Valentine was one of the saints of springs. It is believed that he took care of the good health and the beekeepers. The holiday as we know it dates from 18h century in England. The people who were in love expressed their love for each other by sending gift to each other. I’m not talking about expensive gifts, but just a symbol of their love. And these symbols were handmade cards and flowers. Another great symbol is the Saint Valentine’s Key, which has the meaning of a invitation to unlock the giver’s heart. The modern times and the evolving love holiday has given us more symbols to use as presentation to our beloved ones – heart-shaped products, doves and the figure of the winged Cupid.

Unfortunately, these days the Valentine’s day, just like the other famous holidays, became a commercial holiday who supports the business of cards, flowers and expensive gifts. People started to want more from their lovers for that holiday, like jewelry, tech gadgets, clothes and vacations. In my opinion, your love doesn’t need a special day to celebrate it, but since we have one, show it in a more modest way, don’t make it just for the obligation or because your half expects a gift. I want to give you some ideas for great surprises, which won’t make you empty your saving account. Take a look and use them as an inspiration for your own plans:

I like the stay-at-home organizations. Every time it is extremely hard to book a table in your favorite restaurant, because this day of the month is absolutely occupying. You will be able to make an amazing set at your place. Create a romantic atmosphere, cook a delicious dinner (or if you are not a cooking type, you can order food from his/her favorite restaurant) and put a playlist, which is full of common favorite songs. Buy a nice bottle of wine, a one which will match the dishes and light many many candles all around the place. You can just talk or watch a great movie. Just let the evening continue according to the mood.

Another sweet and really caring way to show your love is to send small hints to his/her office all day. You can send a small detail of your sexy underwear that you have prepared for the night, or just a picture of a candle light on the background of the decorated living room. There are a lot of ways to bring up the mood and to keep it on hold during the day, when it comes the time for the actual celebration.
But the thing that I am going to do is to book two seats for me and my boyfriend for the upcoming movie, based on the “50 shades of Grey” book. The release date is 13 of February and if I hurry up I will be able to make a reservation just for the evening of the February 14 – the St. Valentines Day. What a great way to celebrate your relationship with a story for love and naughty experience.
I hope that you will inspired from my tips and go for a lovely surprise. Remember that all you need is love!


© Igor Mojzes