The Greatest Combination of Make-up for This Christmas Holidays


As we approach the holidays, especially after Halloween, we all think about “How to apply makeup to look more original?” Especially at Christmas and New Year naturally we want to look beautiful and original. Here are some ideas for extravagant and guaranteed brilliant effect, for an unforgettable night:

Artificial eyelashes – they do not need a professional hand, all you are required to have is only glue and patience. They ensure complete and pronounced look. They can also be combined with shadows and eyeliner only if you want to focus on the lipstick.

Glitter is the emphasis that many women like. It can be put on both the eyes and cheeks, and why not on the lips. Be careful however not to overdo the glitter, choose one place only to shine. However, remember you want to be beautiful, a shiny Snow White, not a Christmas tree, right? Smoky makeup never goes out of fashion that is why we like it so much. And the Christmas holidays can be combined with glitter. For a depth of vision, use dark colors such as gray, black, brown. If you prefer bright colors, then colors such as silver, gold, green, chameleon are very suitable for the holidays.

Foundation or powder pearl shining can give you a slight glow of the skin throughout the night, especially in the light of the Christmas lights. Another plus – the skin looks fresher, younger and tenderer. To remind – do not overdo it with glitter and pearls. If you use foundation that is glossy, do not use glitter and pearl shades.

Lipstick – what would we do without it? For holiday makeup, red lips go out of fashion. And since warm holidays are ahead, you can be brave and use colors that rarely or even never you get to use in everyday life – in addition to red, all shades are suitable – wine, purple, electric, orange. However, they are combined with simple makeup. If you use glitter or pearly shades, we recommend lighter and more subtle in color. You can combine with shiny gloss.

The period before Christmas for many lovers of fashion is connected not only with gifts and festive anticipation, but with lots of parties, which should not be missed. The items discussed with help you to spend an unforgettable night and look in the best possible way….

Luxury bonus: For this year’s Christmas collection CHANEL found inspiration of lightness and delicate tenderness of the pen. Collection Chanel Plumes Precieuses also emphasizes brightness and brilliance. The attribute you cannot go without for the festive evening makeup is the illuminating powder CHANEL Camelia de Plumes. It allows you to hide all minor facial imperfections and at the same time to highlight the most beautiful features. We recommend that you reapply it also and on the upper chest, to give them a slight glow.

Enjoy the Christmas holidays with this great combination of makeup and let your face shine!

© Tanouchka