Instant Braid Waves


If you have long and thick hair, you might like it to be curly. This could be easily achieved. I want to show you a trick for making braid curls for less than half an hour.

If you like to braid your hair before bed in order to have nice curls when you wake up, you must know this trick for the moments when you forgot to braid the hair  the night before and when you want the curls right now. It is really easy, but you should follow the steps and the tips in order to get the perfect results and to save the hair from damaging. Let’s get started:

  • It will be better if the hair freshly washed before you do the other steps. If you don’t have time to wash the hair, you’d better apply dry shampoo to the roots. The point is to have clean hair, no greasy and shiny.

  • Then you will need two products to prepare the hair for the braids – stylizing mousse and thermal protector.

  • And the minute I mentioned thermal protector you figured it out that we are going to use heat to make the curls. It is true, you will need your flat iron. Wonder how?

  • First of all, you have to make a few braids. Make them tight and thick. But before that apply the stylizing mousse and the thermal protectors.

  • Then take the flat iron and press each braid inch by inch until you warm the whole tail. Let the hair cool down before you remove the hair bands.

  • Then unbraid the tails and finger comb the hair in order to merge together the braids.

  • Spritz some hair spray in order to save the curls last longer.

I’m sure that this trick will be handy for you when you want to make your hair fluffy and casual. Use it and enjoy the result!