Is Your Hair Loss Normal?


Let‘s be honest – there is one thing that drive men crazy when they go into a girl‘s bathroom and that‘s all the hair they can find basically everywhere! For women, hair loss is something that happens when seasons change, when their diet is changed or just because of the natural processes that happen in their bodies. But sometimes, hair loss can become too severe and you have to know when that time has come and what to do to stop it.

If you have noticed that you have started losing hair, first you have to consider that it’s natural that you lose a certain amount of hair on a daily basis. For every ethnicity it’s different, but the numbers vary between 60 and 100 hairs a day. We know that you won’t start counting your hairs when they start to fall, but these numbers are a good start to help you figure out of your hair loss in normal.

Also, consider the weather and the climate change. Like every mammal, in summer (around July) and in winter (around December) we start to shed and we lose a bigger amount of hair. If you have just noticed that your hair is falling more than usual, it’s probably because of the natural processes that run in our bodies and you don’t have to worry – the hair will grow back in around 3 months.

Hair can fall because of severe damage, too. That means that if you curl of straighten it daily and you don’t use any protection, it’s more than natural that your hair will start falling. To stop that, you must first stop using any sort of heat on your hair and you should buy some products like a deep conditioner and hair masks to repair it. Cutting some hair off will also help get rid of all the damaged hair and making way for the new hair to grow.

If you don’t have any of these problems and you think the problem might be elsewhere, you should consider talking with a specialist to see if you don’t have any internal problems like vitamin lack or other serious problem. Don’t forget that your body knows how to make you aware of a certain problem and hair loss, along with sensitive skin, can be a sign that you immediately have to go and visit your doctor!

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