Keep Your Brain Healthy Through Food


We tend to spend much time on the health of our bodies. Also on our beauty routines. We want beautiful skin, hair and nail. We put makeup on and make different hairstyles for ourselves. And also we waste a lot of time into dressing up. And is all of that worthed? I am going into those thoughts, because we take way too much care of appearances and that much in our minds. I don’t really believe that most people even consider the health of the brain. And it is important. It is what keeps you sane.

Do you eat only to fulfill cravings? Do you diet only to keep your body in a particular shape? A little known fact is that actually there are foods that could work in favor for your brain, making it healthier and more active. And that is what you need – a healthy mind, that works in your favor will make you feel and look more smart and will help your body to remain in a healthy state.

So what is brain food?

  • Omega-3

Your memory is something you want to expand and make work fast. In other words the brain memory cells should be able to communicate with one another very fast. Age might make your ability to remember less functional. This means that it will be harder for you to remember new information and even forget old information.

Our bodies can’t make the Omega-3 themselves. So we need to provide them with that. Omega-3 helps you to keep those brain cells communicating faster and also not to lose that much of your ability to remember and think with aging.

Omega-3 is found in a couple of fishes. Fish is the richest food that includes Omega-3. So eat herring, salmon, sardines, halibut, trout and mackerel. They could be cooked in many different ways. So you could eat them for as long as you want, because there are many options and you probably won’t get bored.

Vegetables that contain Omega-3 are spinach, mint, kale, arugula, brussels sprouts and kale. But keep in mind that you could eat them fresh, not after being thermaly cooked.

To increase your Omega-3 levels you can also munch on walnuts. I personally love them and not many days go without me having my afternoon snack of walnuts. Also eggs will work in your favor. They are high in protein too, which is good for you too.

  • Vitamin E

We intake vitamins for our health. For glowing skin, for thicker hair or in order not to catch viruses. But do you intake any vitamins for your mind? Probably not. Most people at least do not.

Vitamin E is the vitamin that you will swear by after you get enough of it in your body. It is the only thing that keeps cells from permanent damage. In other words – you might save some brain cells, rather than kill them. It also can help you prevent a stroke – one of the scariest things that could happen to you and your mind.

Vitamin E, as the Omega-3, is found in some leafy greens. Here the rule for eating fresh vegetables applies too. Spinach, Swiss chard, turnip and dandelion greens should be into your healthy mind plan.

Nuts (which as I said I love) are full of Vitamin E. Go for almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, peanuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts. They are delicious and could be eaten alone or combined with other foods.

  • Flavonoids

You probably make antioxidant diets for your stomach and body. Not it is time to think about antioxidation of the brain. And that is not as hard as you think. Antioxidants are contained in colorful fruits and vegetables. So they are all natural.

But what are flavonoids? It is exactly what will help your mind – they are something contained in fruits in vegetables. But remember they must be very colorful. Flavonoids are helpful in order to keep your memory to young as the one young people have for as long as possible. Studies have found that they delay the process of aging by two years and more.

Here the most beneficial food for you will be the berries. All of them will work and all of them contain flavonoids. But the highest levels are in the blueberries and blackberries. The other fruit that could be one of the most beneficial for you – strawberries. Plums, avocados and red grapes should be in your diet too.

The most amazing thing about flavonoids is that they are into some of people’s most beloved drink. You guessed right – coffee and red wine! Oh, and one other thing – dark chocolate is your best friend considering flavonoids.