Leather-Like Nail Art


I’ll tell you why I love the lazy Sunday afternoon – this is the perfect moment to pay attention to yourself and pamper  you with face mask, hair mask and nail art. Here is one example for a lazy Sunday afternoon scenario:

 Let’s say that you are getting out of the shower, still cuddling in your big, fluffy gown. And while you are snuggling in the gown, you can dampen your face with a lemon-water skin mask. Squeeze half a lemon and add the juice to a glass of water. Use a cotton ball to keep your skin wet, by applying the liquid to the it constantly, do that for about 10  minutes. Then let it rest on your face.

Meanwhile, take your nail kit – nail polishes, file, base coat, top coat, a drawing brush, and some ball studs for decoration. Let’s get started:

  • File your nails into an almond shape. It is an oval shape with a pointy tip.
  • Then apply primer to the nails. Use a base coat, a simple, transparent nail polish or nail strengthener. All of these will work perfectly as a primer to the nails, which will protect them from the harsh properties of the colored nail polishes, it will also prevent yellowing of the nail bed.
  • After the primer coat is dry, you can apply the base color, which will play the role of a background. Let this layer of nail polish dry out too, before you move to the next step.
  • Now, use a dotting tool to create the small rhombuses with oval angles, which will help to create the leather-like pattern. Use lighter color than the bottom one. Cover the whole nail and be careful and precise. Try to leave space between the rhombuses in order to use the  bottom color as separating lines.
  • Then use silver nail polish and draw thin lines at the angles of the rhombuses in order to make them look 3D.
  • Then stick the ball studs between the rhombuses – right on the crosses.
  • Then apply a thick layer of top coat.

All done! Your Sunday lazy afternoon pampering is achieved. Now go on and wash that lemon juice off your face.