Look Like a Princess With This Hairstyle


If your hair is straight, you’d better create a wavy texture before you make this hairstyle. You can do this in several ways:

  • Divide the hair into three sections and braid them up. Do this with freshly washed hair, slightly wet, before you go the bed. Make the braids loose and fluffy, you can even pull out the strands of the braids a little bit in order to allow the air to go through the braid and dry it out completely over the night.

  • Another way is to use a curling iron, but I prefer the braids way. Use the iron only if you don’t have a night to oversleep with the braids on your head. And remember to apply thermal protector to prevent damage by the heat of the iron.

  • And the third way to make a wavy texture is to twist your hair into several buns and again – use the time to curl the hair. This trick requires over night experience to make the magic happen.

If your hair is naturally wavy or slightly curly, you can skip the curling step.

Now, separate the bangs area of the hair and clip it away while you work with the back section.  The bangs area must include the hair one ear to another, as the line goes through the crown of the head.

Then tie the rest of the hair into a mid-low ponytail.

Now take the bangs area and make a part, which must point the center of the brow, whichever you choose. Brush the bigger part and smooth it with stylizing mousse. Wrap the tail around the hair band of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.

Do the same thing with the smaller section of the bangs area.

Secure the curls with a hair spray. All done! Enjoy the look!