Loving Curls


Every woman with straight hair dreams for a curly one. And I know you all out there get me. We – girls with straight hairs have tried literally everything to look the way we want. Sometimes we achieve the desired effect and sometimes we don’t.

So no matter how many ways we already know about curling our hair we always tend to look for new ones. Here is something new that will shock you – you can curl your hair with cooking foil and a hair straightener. I know it sound ridiculous, but it actually works.

Start on a clean, dry hair. That way the curls will last longer and will look more beautiful and volume

Here is how the whole thing goes:

  • Take a small lock. Wrap it around your finger. And hold  it like that. Than grab a piece of the kitchen foil. Dress up the wrapped lock in it – just like it is shown in pictures 3 to 5. When you wrap the hair in the foil the locks should look like small metallic balls. I know it sounds funny but still you should try that.
  • So do the same trick with the finger and foil to your whole hair.
  • After you are done take your hair straightener and use it on every lock while it is still in the foil. As shown on picture 8. It is a lot of work, but the result will be amazing.
  • Take off the foil. Voila! You have got a perfect curly hair. I know you love it! Spray some hairspray all over your hair to keep the effect lasting longer.

No matter how crazy it sounds to wrap your hair in cooking foil it is kind of smart. That way when you use heat on it it is protected as much as hair can ever be when styled with heat. Using irons and blow-driers every day damages our hair. But we all want to look our best, so we put our hair under a lot of stuff. You can use this method for curling more often so that you don’t apply directly heat to the hair.

Enjoy your curls!