Make Your Hair Look Enormous With This Hairstyle


Admit it, curly hair is extremely sexy. Those playful, dynamic curls draw attention and also, the view is pretty good. The curls suits almost every type of face. They soften the pointy cheekbones and flatters the round cheeks. And also, the curly hairstyles reminds of summer and careless moments. Let’s see how to achieve this effect if your hair is naturally straight. Take a look:

  1. First of all you have to prepare the hair really carefully. The effect of the sexy curls is a combination between many factors, which contribute to the final result. Brush your hair nicely and apply thermal protector mousse. This is one of the most important steps. Don’t skip the protector, because you are going to treat your hair with a lot of heat, which will cause huge damage to your hair if it is not protected. So, grab the thermal protector and apply it to the hair, I recommend you to apply it section by section and not on the whole hair at once. This way you will be sure that it is applied evenly, but it is best to read the instructions on the label of the bottle.
  2. Then separate your hair into layers and start the work from the bottom one.
  3. Take a strand and roll it around the wand of the curling iron. Roll it in a diagonal way. Count to  5-8 and release. Move to the next one.
  4. You can twist a little bit the end of the strand or half of it, but don’t twist the whole strand, otherwise you will lose the volume at the roots.
  5. Secure the curls with a lot of hair spray and make the ends alive by applying moisturizer to them.
  6. Run your fingers through the curls to merge them together and enjoy  your sexy, huge and voluminous hair. See you soon!