Messy Technique For Amazing Effect


Sometimes you have to run through the ugly street until you get to the beautiful park. The rule applies to this nail art: while  you are making it, it will get too messy, but when you clean up the mess, you will be amazed by the pure beauty of the effect. So, let me show you the mess and then, you will enjoy the beauty all by yourself:

The gorgeous effect of this trick depends much on the colors. Choose similar colors, but they don’t have to blend in completely, you have to put a base which will work as some kind of border between the colors, so it will be easy to tell them apart. But also,  you shouldn’t choose colors which are too contrasting. For instance, choose warm colors, like the orange and the yellow in the tutorial and put them on top of a white base. You can do the same with purple and blue, but stick to the pastel shades of the colors if you want to use the white base. Another benefit of the white base is that it will make the colors pop out even more.

  • So, I’ll suggest that the nails are filed in a proper shape, for instance square, and the white base is applied.
  • Then pour some of the colors randomly on the nail bed.
  • Take a piece of clear plastic and press it gently to the nail until the colors spread all over it. You can even move it a little bit in order to get a more interesting pattern. Then remove the plastic by pulling it up off the nail, don’t slide it.
  • Now you can see the mess that I am talking about. But don’t worry, you can easily remove it with a brush and nail polish remover. And after  a while the water and the soap will remove the last piece of excess nail polish from the skin.

Enjoy the look!