There are places in the world that are just so amazing, that you don’t really believe what you experience. It is normal to say that all countries are different from one another. But when you think of travel, exploring and wonders most people imagine resorts and beaches or snowy mountains. There are just places that indicate that. Your mind simply connects to places like the Bahamas, the Alps, Paris, Rome and more.

There are some places in the world that are way underrated, than what they have to offer. Some countries are not well known, but are actually very beautiful, have cultural diversity (or are way different than your culture) and are everything you always knew you needed to experience, but never imagined that it existed.

So why not leave the travel cliches in 2014 and try something new and different in 2015? Going to a place that is not too touristy and being able to enjoy something more for yourself and feel the place is an amazing feeling that can’t be compared to almost anything.

Personally that one is always a dream for me. Although many people don’t know that it is a place free to be visited for everyone. The South and West are very different – one is more modern and open and the other still has many restrictions and rules. But that shouldn’t be a setback for you. If you are a lady you will have to respect the clothing restrictions and wear a Burkha, but don’t let that scare you – it is just because you have to respect their culture.

Iran is one of those places where you will be reborn. It is much more than just unique. It has so much history held in it, that you will definitely want to learn about. An amazing thing about the country is the fact that the people (Persians) are very friendly and bring good energy. They are the people from whom you will learn the most about the history and culture of the country. And be sure to learn how to say ‘I love you’ in Persian from a local. It is beautiful!

Iran also has a very beautiful nature and pretty great variety there – mountains for skiing, beaches for swimming, deserts, forests – literally everything. Their cities are well organized and since there are not way too many tourists the nature is saved the way it should be. Travel around and explore.


From one different and unknown culture to another. Laos is not considered as much for a tourist space as is Thailand or Vietnam, though it should be. It has been under deep isolation for years. But that actually has helped the country to save their amazing nature and environment.

Laos has a cultural and spiritual meaning for everyone who visits. The people are way more chill than any others in the world. And you will feel that vibe very deeply. Once it reflects on you, you can bring it home and start living by that meaning.

Laos has saved some amazing traditions. First of all the country offers many monasteries and you must visit at least one. They are beautiful and you could learn a lot from the people there. Be sure to visit the royal city of Luang Prabang – it is at the same time romantic and it gives you chills, as you can watch many monk moves silently among those monasteries. Motorbiking, hiking, cycling and cruising the Mekong are some of the things you could do there, all while you are surrounded by beautiful mountains, small villages, greens, blues and chill vibes.


Breathtaking! A place where you probably will leave your heart. The first words that come to mind when you think of Colombia. It is the South American pearl, that thankfully is still not overcrowded by tourists. It holds a jungle, a coast, mountains, colonies, archeological sites and probably many more, that are less known.

Colombia is a place that will treat all the senses a person has. First of all, for foodies it would be heaven. The food there is typical for the country, but fresh and very delicious. Oh, and by the way the portions are gigantic. Be sure to have some local cuisine while there. Also, some Bogota beer. It is a local beer, that tastes special, all because of the place you will drink it at. And as we are talking about Bogota beer, let’s talk about the place – Bogota is a beautiful city, that actually is the heart of the historic mark of the country.

The feeling that the ancient civilizations have left for us to experience is all around, no matter which part of the country you decide to visit. Don’t miss Cabo de la Vela and the Coffee Triangle. Actually, some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world are here – visit the Tayrona National Park. Or if you prefer to explore more special places heat to the Caribbean coast and just travel around, so you just find your special places.