Nail Extensions

nail extensions

Have you ever wondered how the nail extensions are made?

Let me show you and you will be prepared for the appointment you have in the beauty salon this weekend.

The sculpturing of the acrylic nail extensions is one of the best methods for making your nails longer, and more importantly – stronger. There are specific shapes, which looks like long thimble. You can find thimbles made from different materials, but the most common ones are these, which are made out of metal, because the paper ones have to be thrown away right after the usage, while the metal thimbles can be used over and over again.

I have tried both the acrylic overlay and the gel overlay. The acrylic gel last longer and never chops off the nails, while the gel overlay might chop off like old nail polish from the nails. So, I strongly recommend you the acrylic overlay, it will stay on your nails until they grow out.

You have to book an appointment at your manicurist every three or four weeks for infills. When the nail grows, it appears a gap between the acrylic extension and cuticles of the nail. This gap is a new natural nail and you have to have it filled in if you still want to have а beautiful looking manicure.

The acrylic overlay is just the base, which creates the fake nail. Over that base you can choose a nail art or color to be applied. Also, you have to choose a shape of the nails.

The nail artist will ask you how to order the nail decoration – she would like to know if you want to erase the nail art after several days and apply a decoration on your own, or you would like to have the same nail art until the next meeting. If you choose the first version, you have to know that you should use only non-acetone nail polish remover.