Night Hair Care: How to Wake up with Nice Hair


We all dream of waking up with hair as beautiful as the night before. Some of us do not have time to wash it every single day in the morning; in fact, it is not really healthy to wash it on a daily basis. However, we wake up and its volume is lost or there is annoying frizz all over it or simply has lost its shine and radiance that makes you feel unique. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare it for the morning after, so that when you wake up, you can look in the mirror and feel happy about your hairstyle.

It is interesting, but your sheets and pillow cases actually matter: you need to pick ones that are either satin or silk. Bamboo fabric is great too, but it is quite expensive. Better fabrics for your sheets and pillow cases can prevent breakage to some extent, and will get rid of static. Also, be sure that they are regularly changed: dirty pillow cases can make your hair greasy!

Brush your hair before going to bed. If your hair feels dry, but you do not want to stress it out with more products, simply brush it for thirty seconds with your head upside down before going to bed. This method will help the natural oils get distributed on the lengths of your hair. Do not brush it harshly since you can actually cause breakage: be gentle and use a wide-toothed comb.

Sleep with an overnight mask: there are tons of great alternatives in stores! Look for something that can meet your hair’s needs: moisturizing, repairing, controlling oiliness, etc. There are even anti-aging masks out there! Rinse it off in the shower in the morning and you will enjoy beautiful, healthy hair.

A night leave-in conditioner can change things, too. Wash-out conditioners sometimes do not provide enough nourishment. Spritz a little purified water throughout your hair and then use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the overnight treatment. You can do it with your fingers, too, of course! Braid your hair in two or three sections and go to sleep. In the morning you can rinse your hair with lukewarm water and let it air dry.

Long hair can get tangled up in knots or attract static. In order to avoid these issues, pull it back into a loose bun or use a hairnet during the night.

You can always preserve your blowout volume with a good dry shampoo. Do not ignore these products: they are not there only to hide slightly greasy roots, but also to give some texture to your hairstyle.