No-Curling-Iron Waves


Girls with flat hairs want to have curly hair, and girls with curly hair, want to have straight hair. You just can’t please a woman.

Today I am in a mood to talk about curls and how to make them. There are a few ways to make proper looking curls:

  • Curling iron. This is the most traditional way to make curls. There are irons with different barrels, which make different curls. Always use a thermal protector before you treat your hair with heat.

  • Another way to make curls is to use curling rollers, but this method is slower than the first one. So, mind your time when you choose how you will create the curls.

  • You can use your socks to make curls too. Sometimes you can’t find your curling rollers, or  they are at your friend who never gave it back to you. Don’t worry, the socks will work just fine. Roll the strands with the sock and  then tie it.  Easy and quick.

  • An alternative way to curl your hair is to create the curly texture of your hair with a flat iron. The effect is not the same as the one that the curling iron will create, but in my opinion, it is even better this way (with the flat iron, I mean). Take a look at the tutorial and try to do it all by yourself:

So, prepare the hair by brushing it and applying thermal protector. We always must apply thermal protector before we stylize our hair with heat. This is the most important rule that will prevent any huge damage to your hair.

Then apply stylizing mousse.

Start curling the hair from the roots to the ends as it is shown in the picture.

Work layer by layer, strand by strand.

At the end, finger-brush your hair in order to merge together the curls. Lock them with a hair spray.


 flat iron curls