Packing list: what to leave and what to take

packing list

There are two types of people – the wanderlusts and the ones that just prefer the safety and comfort of their home. If you are one that constantly dreams about travel, plans and actually goes places you probably know the thrill of waiting for an adventure to come and the fuss around packing and arriving. The truth is it is amazing to go places and see the world. Especially if you start when  you are very young.

If you have already been here and there you know the whole packing ‘fun’ times. When coming back from somewhere it is easier, but going out – tough job to do. The internet is filled with packing lists and advice what to take and how to put/store it. The truth is though that those lists are usually filled with stuff no one actually needs. No one tells you what to leave behind. So that is now what we will do.

Swiss army knife

Whoever told you that you need one of those that cost more then hundred dollars had something wrong in mind. You will probably only need that to cut stuff with the scissors incorporated with it or open bottles. You can just go and get a cheaper version (20 dollars or something), because it will do the exact same job!

Travel clothing

The clothes that especially made to travel with them (like cooling off shirts that cost a fortune) are usually hideous. First of all you will only look exactly like a traveler and that will make you an easy target for thieves. And also you will not look like yourself. If you are not going to a polar expedition you don’t need any special clothes for travel. Only consider the weather and get the things you usually wear when you are at home. Pick comfortable shoes and your favorite pieces. This assures that you will feel good in your own skin.

Money belt

Where are you going to? Europe? USA?

Whoever told you that you need a money belt probably visited a place where there were high levels of crime (like Rio de Jeneiro or Cape Town). Almost everywhere in the world you won’t need one of those. First of all they are priced and second of all you will still think about the money.

It is way better to just keep your money the way you usually do – pocket, wallet, purse, clip. Whatever is comfortable for you in your everyday life should be on a trip.

Silk sleeping bag liner

Of course that it is good to take care of yourself and health and be sure that where you sleep it is clean. But nowadays in the civilized countries you won’t need anything like that. We are all afraid of bed bugs, but most of the hotels and hostels nowadays are very clean and you don’t need the silk sleeping bag liner that you would spend over hundred dollars on.

The solution to a problem like that one is to just spend a little bit of time to read the review on the hotel/hostel you like. And remember, if the comments don’t advise it – stay away from it. Also choose places that look new and clean, if some thin looks sloppy in pictures – it surely is!

Medicine cabinet

It is a sure thing that you should get some medicine. But having loads and loads of blisters and packs isn’t important. Especially if you are going in a place where there are pharmacies.

If you have a medicine that you take daily – make sure you have a stack from it. Everything else you want to get – do, but just in small amounts. If you run out just replace it. If you are going on a long trip and you take loads and loads of medicine it will probably expire before the end of the trip, so it would be a waste.

Pack medicine lightly!