Peek-a-Boo Nail Art


I’m just sick of all these long month of Winter. Ok, I love the Winter, but it’s just too much. It snows over and over again. This depressing weather makes my mood blue and I need something to boost it up. A summer reminder will do the work. I think that this nail art will work perfectly as my summer reminder and mood booster, take a look:

But before we start the tutorial, we have to talk a little bit about the care we shall make about the health and the good condition of our nails, because the best nail decoration is the health, that’s what makes us stay really beautiful:

  • Always apply a primer coat before you apply colored nail polishes.

  • A nail art looks better on well maintained nails – shaped and clean.

  • Remove the cuticles. If you don’t know how, you’d better visit a manicurist and watch the procedure carefully, because the next time you will do it all by yourself.

  • Clean the leftovers of the nail polish around the nail with a soft, thin brush and nail polish remover.

  • Always apple top coat if you want to save the gorgeous nail art to last longer.

These are the basics. Now we can move to the actual work – The rainbow peek-a-boo nail art:

  1. File your nails into a square shape.
  2. Apply primer. Let it dry completely before the application of the next layer of nail polish.
  3. Then choose three happy colors which are matching each other. Here are used blue, orange and green nail polishes.
  4. Apply them on the nail in a vertical way next to each other. Switch the places of the stripes on every finger.
  5. Wait for that layer to dry completely.
  6. Then  stick three thin strips parallel to each other at the top of the nail in a diagonal way Рfrom the corner of the nail to the middle on the other side.
  7. Pain over with white nail polish. Make sure that the colors are fully covered. If needed, apply another layer of the white nail polish.
  8. Wait a few seconds and remove the strips with tweezers.
  9. Lock that nail decoration with a top coat. But remember to wait for the layers to be fully dried before you apply the top coat, in order not to smudge the peek-a-boo lines.

Enjoy the results and be patient until the Summer arrives!