Plaid Shirt Inspiration


If you wonder how to decorate your nails, just open your wardrobe and use a pattern that you like to copy it tight on your nails. Today’s inspiration is taken from a plaid shirt. Take a look at the tutorial and make sure that your drawing brush is in your hand, because you will need to use it:

The most important step for a nail art creation is to prepare the nails and the hands for the decoration. This preparation procedure requires several steps:

  • At the beginning, you have to clean the nails from the old nail polish.

  • Then see if you have some dry cuticles around the nails. If so, soften them and rub the nails with an exfoliating scrub. In fact, rub the whole hands with the scrub in order to refresh the skin. Then moisturize it immediately.

  • Clean the nails one more time, but now with white apple vinegar. It will remove the leftovers of the creams and the scrub, which will leave the nails prepared for the nail polish.

  • The last preparation step is the one that will protect the nails from the harsh properties of the colored nail polishes – the base coat. Apply it to the nails and let it dry before you move to the next step.

The preparation procedure is over and now you can move to the actual work – the decoration.

  1. Paint the nails with brown nail polish. Let it dry. \
  2. Now draw a diamond at the middle of the nail by drawing 4 crossing lines. Fill in with color. Use white nail polish.
  3. Then top that white nail polish with the orange one. The white base will make the orange color pop out even more.
  4. Then draw some thin lines to create another set of diamond shapes. Use green nail polish.
  5. Lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.


 plaid shirt nail art