Presents for Valentine’s Day – Better Than Flowers


Beautiful flowers are a good present for Valentine’s Day, but it is not the best. Flowers probably make women feel better and appreciate you, but it is better to put more taught into the present than rather just buying flowers – you can just gift her with those without any reasons. Not for valentine’s day.
Another thing about the flowers on the Valentine’s Day is that they are way more expensive than in normal occasions. Leave the flowers aside and read along. There are better ideas for a present for you special girl this February the 14th.

  • Love letter
    No matter how good you are into the writing department (and you better be good) if you take the time to invest your thoughts and love into a letter believe me you will be appreciated for sure.
    First of all a letter doesn’t cost a thing. But it means a lot! Just be sure to write it in hand and to pour all your love into it. Be honest while writing and think about what she loves. Be kind and tell her how much you appreciate her and be sensual. This will definitely mean a lot more than just a bouquet.
  • Jewelry

Well, we are not talking about diamonds or anything, but any jewelry will make your girl happy. Of course if you can afford it spoil her with something expensive that will last a lifetime. If you are on a budget just get her something you know she likes – a handmade jewel. Choose something attractive and different, so that it compliments your loved one. Just be careful with the boxing. You don’t want a mistake. Although Valentine’s Day is a good date for THE ring.

  • Chocolate
    We all know that no matter what women say, they really do love chocolate. They love the good chocolate and a lot of it. Let’s talk about the fact that chocolate makes you happier and this is good for you. Happy woman – happy you!
    Be careful what you choose – if she doesn’t like dark chocolate for example don’t get that. Put some thought into it. Choose nice boxing and also just add a simple note that makes the gift more personal. ]
  • Photo
    Well there are more than one forms of that photo. One simple solution is a photo of you and your partner in a frame. That way she will know how much you would love her to think of you both together. Another nice thing is a mug for example with your faces on it (or 2 mugs – the kind for him and for her).
    Small signs of love shown like that will melt her heart. And that is what you want. Isn’t it. A photo no matter in what form will last a lifetime. A bouquet – 3 to 5 days. Make the smarter choice.