She Should Be Gifted Well for Valentine’s Day


Hey Guys, have you already got in your head the Valentine’s Day gift idea for your girl? If you love her you should think well about that. Dug into what she likes and what you both like to do together and get her something she will never forget! Chocolates and flowers – great! But you shouldn’t stop at that, because admit it – she deserves amazing stuff!

If you can afford it splurge on your other half this Valentine’s Day! If you are though on a budget you can still give her something to remember – experience! Because amazing stories don’t come from expensive jewelry, but from great times together! If you though have decided to get her a gift here are some ideas that will most definitely be liked!


If she is the wanderlust type of girl nothing will make her happier than some tickets for a trip. You can either plan something for you two to do together – Paris for example is the most romantic city or visit some tropical place or even a city in your country that you have always wanted to visit. Or you can surprise her by sending her to see her family or best friend for example. Trust me girl always love a present where a thought has been put in! The best version of this present is you two going somewhere for Valentine’s. But it is hard to plan and you might ruin the surprise. So think about presenting the gift to her in the most romantic and extravagant way as possible and then enjoy her happiness and the vacation together!

Book warm

For the girl that likes to read, nothing will say I love you more than books. If you have been with her for a while now you probably know her ‘to read’ list. So think about that. But don’t just stop at one book. Get her a collection she wants or a luxurious  or first edition of her favorite book. Also for the book worm type of girl you can make a gift that contains from a book, book divider, a notebook for her favorite quotes and many more reading related things. A set like that will make her jump of joy!

Snap, snap!

There are the kind of girls that are much into art. Some of them like painting, writing or photography. If your girl is one that always takes photos and loves the thrill of it or as a whole she is into photography and doesn’t have the desired camera there you go! A Canon or Nikon will look great in your beautiful girl’s hands. If she already owns one of those you can gift her an album book of her favorite photographer or a book with some tips.  A new lens doesn’t sound bed either! Just be sure to consult with a specialist before buying anything if you don’t have the knowledge.

Hopeless romantic

There are girls that desire expensive gifts, others want attention and then there are the girls that are just hopeless romantics. They some special case! If you are not the same type of a person (or even if you are) you probably haven’t written her a love letter. So I think it is about time your started! Writing her a lover letter saying everything romantic you can think of will surprise her for sure and make her happy to the moon and back! Also why stop at one letter? Give her a box with letters to read every Monday morning for example or something like that. Just be creative!


If you are at that stage of your relationship that you have already thought and talked about getting married, but you are still not engaged this valentine’s day might just be the perfect time for an event like that. Yep, you got me right – go get her that engagement ring and tie the knot already! Just remember you are choosing a ring for her! Not for yourself. Not for anyone else. Take in consideration what are her likes, what she wears, does she enjoy jewelry? Then do your research and think about the actual way you are going to propose.

© Igor Mojzes