Shoes on the go for Spring/Summer


The winter is almost over and we can’t be happier. Transitioning from winter can be hard sometimes, but it is amazing to start wearing lighter clothes. And with spring and summer we also totally change the shoes that we are wearing. Different women like different type of shoes. But one thing that all women like is the comfort and the thrill of feeling beautiful.

In the Spring and Summer we are way more active. We do and experience way more, than in winter. And we actually walk way more, when the weather is warmer. To walk through and to feel beautiful from head to toe, we have to be walking in amazing shoes. No matter what type of a woman you are – the sporty, the casual or the elegant there is a new shoe trend for everyone.

The girl that runs

If you are the girl that always runs and is very active – you should search for those kind of shoes for the upcoming seasons. Jogging in the park is the best thing you can do for yourself in the Spring and Summer. But this should always be done in good running shoes. Nike and Adidas both offer good shoes for people who are active. And also their models are cool and fashionable. No matter what brand you choose, be sure to have the appropriate shoes, for the activity you have chosen, so that you have good support.

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The girl that only wears heels

Heels are something pretty amazing. Some women choose them only for special occasions, but then there are those that wear them the whole time and actually feel comfortable with them. Heels will never go out of style and there is no way they can’t make you look more stylish. This season avant garde heels will be ‘it’ in this area. Dark and bright colors are what you should look for. Strap styles will be one of those to go for ideas. But to inspire yourself, look at McQueen’s new collection – you know that is the place to find crazy.

The girl with the sneakers

The most awaited sneakers ever are already out – Adidas Yeezy kicks are the one you should opt for. They were a star of the New Your Fashion Week. And how could they not be? First of all they are cool and then they are made in a great collaboration. At the fashion show every major celebrity was attending. Of course the all time favorite Converse chucks will still be a fashionable add to your shoe collection. The famous blogger – Chiara Ferragni also has a shoe collection that includes amazing nude sneakers. For ideas how to rock them just visit her Instagram.

The girl that seeks comfort

Some of the girls don’t care that much about trend or anything else. They just want comfort. But in the past couple of years, designers have proven that comfort and fashion can go together well too. The girls that recognize themselves here should search for a flexible option of flats, that could be either casual or stylish. Ballerina flats are a good choice. Especially since they are made in different colors and from different materials. They can look both casual or chic. For the low budgets brands like Aldo and Asos and H&M offer great pairs. And for someone who seeks fashion and has unlimited budget – go for something like YSL or Miu Miu.