Small Towns in Europe Worth the Trip


Whether you love the beach or the mountains, Europe holds for you all you can ask for. It is known for cosmopolitan cities like London, Paris or Berlin. But actually the oldest continent of them all has some hidden treasures. Some of the smallest towns around the continent hold the most amazing landscapes – colorful, charming, filled with people who just enjoy life. Being to a place that is not over crowded, where you can just take a moment for yourself and breathe I the best feeling someone with a wanderlust can have. Here are some of the best small towns in Europe, you won’t regret visiting.

Manarola, Italy
It is part of the Cinque Terre towns. But on its own it is one of the most beautiful of them all. It is a hidden gem not only because it is a colorful heaven with small houses placed on the rocks that oversee the sea but it also has no traffic allowed in it. You can drive up to Manarola, but you have to park just outside of the town. What is more amazing than enjoying a place with no traffic, pollution, honks? You can just sit at a cafe with a view of the sea and sip some of Italy’s best wine. Or you can explore some Italian art, because you know how can artists not be inspired by a place like that?

Reine, Norway
It is Norway’s most beautiful village. It is situated just in between some breathtaking mountains. It is a fishing village and as you can imagine you can taste some amazing fresh fish there. Also some old fishing cottages have been remodeled into cozy visitor spaced. It has a population of only 300 and while there you can just relax in full harmony. It is also a good place for a romantic and non typical getaway.

Colmar, France
You know those amazing architectural Gothic buildings in Germany? And then there is typical french architecture. Well Colmar is the perfect blend of them both. Is is known az “Little Venice” because of its water canal streets. So you get the best of some of the mot beautiful countries in the world. It has an amazing cultural life and spirit. While there you can pop in some of the cutest and most delicious bakeries in that part of the world. The old town is one of the best places to wander around with no specific plans.

Marsaxlokk, Malta
As a whole Malta is an European treasure with its amazing weather and basically the fact that is an paradise island. Marsaxlokk is a main fishing town slitted on the Mediterranean. It is colorful and playful. There are no modern building and that makes it even more special. It is peaceful to walk around it with all the rainbow-colored boats. It is a place where you can best feel the amazing welcoming maltose spirit and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Kotor, Montenegro
It is a small town surrounded by walls. The buildings are orange roofed. It is cafe-filled – perfect for the coffee and dessert lovers. Everywhere around the town you can see mountains. One of the most special things you can do while there is to climb on the top of the forests just before sunrise and wait for the sun to come up. You will feel like it is the first time you actually see a sunrise.

Goreme, Turkey
It is known for its exotic rock foundations that can not be found anywhere else in the world. A lot of the buildings, especially churches are are carved directly into the rocks. Can you imagine how breathtaking that can be? It looks just exactly like a fairytale. It is yet another place to see the sunrise from a different point of view. There you can hop on a hot air balloon that will take you up in the sky to see the sun coming up behind the cliffs. So there you go, if you visit Goreme you can check flying on an air balloon of  your to do list.

Sinemorets, Bulgaria
It is situated on the south coast of Black sea. It is a cute little town, not overly crowded with tourists. It has hidden small restaurants, where you can enjoy typical Bulgarian food or some Italian  menus. There is just the best bar on the cliffs to enjoy the full moon while around. But none of that is the best part of it. It has two beaches on of which is the most beautiful beach you can step onto in that part of the world. Veleka beach is a short walk down the cliffs and it is situated between a river flowing into the sea and actually the sea, surrounded by mountains. After we talked about the best places you can watch the sunrise from – this is the best place for the sunset. You can either watch it down from the beach and see the colors changing behind the rocks or climb back up and see it like never before.

Bruges, Belguim
One of most popular belgian small towns. It has cobblestone streets that you can wander around while walking or bike around the city. Either way you can enjoy the colorful lego-like houses, that can not be seen anywhere else. It has become a popular place for photographers because of them. The skyline you get from those strangely build houses is stunning. A must visit spot there is the “Church of our Lady” build in the 14th century. It is the tallest building the city so you won’t miss it.

Sintra, Portugal
No travel advice can go without mentioning beautiful Portugal. Sintra is a town sitting on the edge of Europe. It is named after the goddess of the moon – “Cynthia”, so you can imagine how breathtaking it must be on a full moon. It has one of the most amazing European parks to wander around filled with rich plant fauna, ponds and even black swans. Imagine that! Oh, and wait that is not the best part – the city has castles to wander around and fall in love with.

So which part of Europe would you like to visit first is up to you. No matter what you choose you won’t be disappointed. If you love the mountains  head there first, but never forget the beach. IF the other way around you have a lot to choose from. And don’t forget to watch the sunrise or sunset somewhere in the smallest hidden gems of the continent, because it will be an unforgettable experience. As once someone said “I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list”. So go enjoy!