Soft & Bright Colors For Your Nails


I like to pamper myself by creating beautiful nail decorations, which are making my hands look pretty and sophisticated.

Let me tell you what happened to me a month ago, it is connected with the nail art and this story will prove to you why it is so important to have pretty nails:

I was taking the subway from the office to my place. I sat down to a man and started to check my mail on the phone when suddenly the man next  to me asked if he could tell me something, but I had to promise him that I won’t be offended. I said that he can tell me anything he wants. He told me that I am a beautiful girl, but … Then he pointed to my hands and told me that boys notice when our nails are ugly and that creates bad opinion even for the pretty girls like me. I was wearing red nail polish, which was cracked and ugly, because I had no proper time to take care of my nail polish. I thank him for the note and smiled, but inside I was truly embarrassed by my look. And  you can guess what was my first job when I got home: I removed my ugly nail polish.

So, girls, in order to prevent such an unpleasant situation, you have to take care of every little detail of your look. Let’s start with the nails today.

  • For this nail art you will need bright colors – orange, light gray and yellow.
  • Paint the basic color – the orange one. Let it dry and if you are not satisfied with the coverage, apply another layer. Let the second layer dry too.
  • Then use a thin, drawing brush to create the floral decoration.
  • Make a twig with leaves with the gray nail polish and add some finishing touches with the yellow nail polish at the tips of the leaves.


bright nail art