Special Hairstyle for Special Occasion


We often talk about beauty, styles, fashion, different looks, trends and so on. Men will say that we care too much about our appearance, but without a good look, no one will give you the chance to express your beautiful mind too. Sadly, this is the harsh truth. Everyone owns personal beauty, your job is to express that beauty – hide the flaws, show the best of your features and you will have no trouble at all. Here is one idea for a perfect beauty boost up – your hair.

If you manage to create gorgeous hairstyle, you will gladly notice how your features reshape underneath the power of the best hairstyle. Take a look at this one, adjust it to your mood and outfit and enjoy it:

  • It is a little bit more sophisticated, which means that you will need several tools for it: stylizing mousse, hydra pearls, rat-tail comb, elastic band and hair spray. So, let’s get started now:
  • This hairstyle is actually a braid, but a fancy one – the Dutch Braid.
  • Apply the hydra pearls first. They will make the hair strong, shiny and with more intense color.
  • Use the rat-tail comb to divide the hair into two sections. Make one of the sections bigger than the other.
  • Start to work with the bigger section. Make the braid by crossing the strands from down below, rather than one above another.
  • Keep braiding until you reach the end of the tail. Make the braid one side.
  • Before the braiding part you should apply the stylizing mousse.
  • Before securing the tail with a hair band, loosen the strands in order to create a fluffy effect of the braid.
  • At the end tie the hair band and spritz with hair spray to lock the flying hairs.

All done! Finish your look with a makeup and you will look stunning, I guarantee that!