Stone Colored Nail Art


We often talk about decorations, styles, colors, and trends at all. Today I want to talk specifically about tricks. And not just any kinds of beauty tricks, but those who are helping us with the nail decorations. Take a look:

  • If you want to save your nail art to last longer than usual, you have to do some tricks: rub the nail with wooden stick in order to remove any cuticles, which are lifting up the nail art and make it peel off after a few days; apply top coat every two days, this should save the nail art for about two weeks; wash dishes with gloves.

  • In order to prevent nail cracking and to keep the nails healthy and strong, shape them only with a file, don’t use nail clippers. Also, apply nail strengthener when you are not wearing any nail polish.

  • Remove the cuticles by softening them with coconut oil and then rub them with a wooden stick.

  • Always keep your nails in good condition. When you nail polish starts to peel off and cracks, take precaution and remove the nail polish or reapply it. It is noticeable when you nails are not good looking.

  • And try to make even the simplest and the most boring nail art a little bit more interesting. You can do this for a short time with just a little bit of equipment – for instance, sticky circles for nail decorations. Here is one idea:

Choose a color you like. The pastel colors will be a huge trend this Spring. Here is used the stone one, which will be the new burgundy of the Summer.

Stick the sticky circles to the moon areas and then paint the nails with the nail polish. Apply more than one layer if you are not satisfied with the coverage. Then wait for that base to dry and apply top coat.