The Beaches That Are a Must in 2015 (and on a budget)


After the holidays are gone, we all start dreaming of summer. No other reason, but what is there to wait for in the winter after Christmas and New Years? Nothing! You can only wait for the spring to start and then the summer, because let’s face it – everything amazing happens in the summer, probably on a beach! Going to a sandy hot beach that is in an amazing place can cost quite too much. And as the year just started it is about time to start on a Monday with a dream for a beautiful beach and the endless blue waters. Here are some of our picks for an amazing and affordable beach vacation.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is a top dive destination. It is located along the Carribean sea and that is a great premise to be asured that you will be in paradise. It’s a low key place, but in the same time it is hip and offers quite a lot. There are resorts that are on the budget, but still all inclusive. Going to Playa del Carmen takes you away from the madness of Cancun and it is only an hour away from it. While there you can make daily trips to some ruins or Cozumel and enjoy your trip to the fullest. You can find great international cuisine places or local restaurant to enjoy amazing food at.

Phuket, Thailand

Imagining going to Thailand may not sound cheap. And it really isn’t. But if you plan it in advance – like months earlier, you can get a great deal on flight prices. And once you get there you won’t regret it – you can get the royal treatment for unberably low prices. The island holds on some of the most beautiful and luxurious resort in the whole world. And you wouldn’t want to miss that. Old Phuket Town offers some amazing cultural experience. You can enjoy the beaches all day long. With no worry in mind, because who can have worries in heaven? Also try out the beautiful and high end spas. You can finish the evening at a cosy restaurant. Try out some local dishes! And then the nightlife – Phuket has a lot to offer in that department.


Here also aplies the rule for an early flight booking. Though a flight to Jamaica doesn’t really cost that much. Once you arrive you can either enjoy Montego Bay (this is where the flight gets you). Or you can take a bus/car ride for a couple of hours and arrive at a way more amazing place – Ocho Rios. Once you step foot on the island and see the beautiful sunset on the reaage music you forget all the strees you have ever had. Jamaica offers great luxury resort and the prices will surprise you – way lower than you would ever expect for the home of reggae. There is a lot to do on the island, rather than just lay on the beach. You can go swim with the dolphins or zip lining or horseback riding. Just find your thing and enjoy it to the fullest.

Corfu, Greece

Greece as a whole is a cheper European destination. Corfu thought is the best place in Greece you can choose on a budget. You can easily get a cheap flight directly to the island. And that makes the whole thing easier for you. And yes, you read right – we are again talking about an island. Look for an all inclusive resort that will offer everything you need including numerous pools and great dining. For a great spa experience like never before try the mud baths, for which Greece is famous. Corfu hides amazing Byzantine churches, and the remains of Venetian fortresses and Greek temple. You wouldn’t want to miss visiting them. And also the beaches – they are heaven!
Puerto Rico

One thing is for sure – getting there on a flight is cheap. So we are starting out well. Puerto Rico also lies in the Carribean and holds that amazing tropical vibe. It is the perfect mix between beautiful white sand beaches, rainforests, Spanish froths and colorful houses meet enormous malls, golf courses, casinos and luxury resorts. So there is a peace of something for everyone. There are even museum on the island. Don’t miss a kayak experience while there. It is both a family friendly destination and also you can have great fun if you are younger.