The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type


The lingerie industry is so big nowadays that you can find any item you think of, even if it dates back hundreds of years ago, for example corsets. You can find everything that you look for and probably something more. The advantage of this is that usually you may wear one kind of underwear that is comfortable, but on special occasions you may grab those black thongs that you keep in the bottom of your drawer. However, there is another way you could decide what to wear, and not only to look at what is fashionable that day. You should also have in mind your type of body. Do you have big breasts or small ones, do you have a big booty, or a lower torso? Here are the most common body shapes and what will look good at them.

Body shape Apple

Women whose body shape resemble an apple have narrower hips and bust in comparison with their waistline, that has the widest measurement in your figure. So, the kind of lingerie that will complement your body should try to hide your waistline and to exaggerate the bust a little. You may get a bodysuit that will cover your body and is in V-shape. Do not be afraid you will look like a granny, there are some pretty attractive lingerie with lace that will show some of your skin. This kind of underwear was very popular in the past, 1950s and 1960s. Women used it as a swimsuit also. Nowadays it has a few modifications and it looks even more gorgeous.


Body shape Ballerina

Women with body type “Ballerina” are very gentle. They have slender but still muscular bodies, and do not have big busts. If you have such type of body, then you have a lot to choose from. And since you are a sporty type, you will look good with the sporty type of lingerie. You can wear either thongs or briefs, or some tight boy shorts, just be careful to match it with what you are wearing that day. As for the bra, you will look great with long-line bras or bras with sheer lace. Since your boobies do not need to be pushed up or hold tighter, like it is the case with big busts, you can be free and choose something that will make you feel comfortable.


Body shape Busty

On the other end of the line are women with big busts, so naturally their body type is called “Busty”. It is not so easy to dress according to your figure. Many women dream of having big breast, and the ones who already have such do not like them. If you belong to this body type, then you should try to hide the bust a little. Demi-cut bras and mesh-cup bras are just the right for you because they will hold up your breasts and will still accentuate them as one of your best body parts. As for the bottoms, briefs or boy shorts will look good on you because this way they will balance the top of your body. And thongs, on the other hand, are not a good choice because they have so little fabrics that the combination between the top and the bottom will look awkward and unnatural. So, you’d better stick to symmetry.

Body type Short Torso

If you are a representative of this body type, then your legs are extra long and your waistline is naturally high. So, the middle part of your body looks unnaturally short and you should try to cover it up with some special type of lingerie. You should wear two-piece underwear with more fabric. For the bra, you may choose one with small cups and without pads, but with the longer lower part. You could even wear sports bras. As for the bikinis, prefer to wear some with low-rise. It is always a good choice if you wear undies with some more fabric which can create the illusion your torso is not that short. Part of this list is also sheer lace undies, and men-inspired shorts.

Body type Ruler

Women with body type “Ruler” are, unfortunately, easy to recognize. If you are one of these women, then you have a small bust and almost no booty. Another thing typical for these bodies is that their shoulders, waist and hips are almost with the same length. The key thing you should do here is to find the right lingerie that will help you accentuate your curves, and to show that you really have some. The traditional bras and bikinis are not for you and you should forget about them. Instead, you should wear a crop tops underwear with high-waste will help you shape up your figure a little. As for the bottoms, it is a little bit difficult to choose the right one. Just wear whatever make you feel comfortable, like lace boy shorts or high-waist pants.