The Best Party Hairstyle


Now I will tell you why I love so much this hairstyle for a party look:

  • First of all, the hair is out of my face because it is tied into a ponytail;
  • The next benefit – I can wear long and enormous earrings because the hair is lifted up;
  • And last, but not least important is the fact that my face is round and the top volume is making it look longer and thinner. Amazing, huh?

While you are making a list of your personal reasons to love this hairstyle, let me show you how to create it the proper way. Just follow the steps and everything will be perfect. Here we go:

The hair must be clean. So, check the roots. If they are greasy, fix that with dry shampoo or jump under the shower.

So, the roots are fine and we can finally move to the next step – let’s create the volume.

Take the top section of hair and clip it tight away while you work to the rest of the hair.

Brush the hair nicely and tie it into a tight middle ponytail at the back of the head. If you can, you can braid the sides of the hair, just above the ears to make it look fancier with the braided details.

Now take the top section of hair and tease it in order to create thick and high volume.

Attach the tail to the back ponytail – wrap it around the hair band or attach it with bobby pins.

Then smooth the top of the volume and spritz with hair spray.

Oh, I forgot to remind you. You have to straighten the hair if it is not straight, because you won’t be able to achieve the same result as the one from the tutorial. One more reminder: always apply thermal protector before you treat the hair with heat.



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