The Best Tricks to Never Lose Your Luggage Again


There are a lot of bad things that can happen to you while you are on vacation, a person can get robbed, or even kidnapped. Of course, this is a very gloomy picture to look at, but a person should be prepared for everything when they go abroad. One of the not so tragic, but still bad things that can happen and thus ruin your vacation is to lose your luggage. If you are a regular passenger then you have probably experienced the inconvenience of losing clothes or other kinds of accessories that you will need in that place you are headed. The good news is that there is a way you can stop losing your luggage when you are traveling. Just follow these simple but effective tricks.

Expect the worst
The first thing you can do is to be prepared mentally. Even though the chance of losing your luggage is not that big, you should always have in your mind that you may lose it when you are traveling, so when this actually happens you do not start to panic and think smartly. When you are packing your luggage do not put there things that cannot be replaced, like special clothes, accessories, or medication. Since you and your luggage will be apart from a lot of time, there is no way you could prevent it from losing.

In case you are not traveling alone, there is something else you can do – cross packing. This means that you should put part of your luggage in the luggage of the person you are traveling with, and they should do the same thing. This way, if one of the suitcases is lost you will still have some of your belongings in the other suitcase. Of course, there is a chance that all of your suitcases get lost somewhere on the way, but at least you have done the best you could.

You should also take some of the most essential things of your luggage with you. For example, if you are leaving your country with a warm and sunny weather, but the place you are headed to is supposed to be cold and rainy, you should take a sweater or a jacket in your handbag. And if you are going on a tropical place, do not forget to put on some t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops.

Personalize your belongings
It may sound a little funny that you a putting a tag with your name on your luggage, but at least will prevent it from being taken by an old granny that does not see her luggage well, if you have seen the movie, and you probably have, Home Alone 3, then you should remember how easily a bag could be mixed. And if you do not feel comfortable putting your name on your bags, then you may personalize it by putting some other alerting signs, like a sticker with a “Do Not Touch!” sign on it or even a big and colorful flower, or even some kind of animal. These for sure will help your luggage not getting lost.

It is a good idea that you put your name and address on your bag. This way the airway company or the person who finds your bags will be able to send your bags to you, or at least to call you, so that you can stop worrying and go get your bags.

Another way you can prevent your bags from getting lost is to use bags that are all the same. In other words, being stylish in not only a matter of caprice, but it is a life-savior. You can also try to tie your bags together, but this could not be such a good idea sometimes, because if one of the bags is lost, the other will be lost as well.

If you do not have a suitcase for your journey and you are planning to buy one, then make sure you buy it in some of the signal colors, like yellow, green or pink. It does not matter if you are not a fan of these colors and you prefer black, the point is that the chance of missing some of these colors is not at all big compared to the dark colors, like brown and especially black.

Take a picture of your luggage
When you are travelling with your children you should always keep a recent picture of them with you in case they get lost. The same is with your luggage. Some people may think that you are a victim of the social media if you take selfies of you and your luggage, but the truth is that you are just being careful. If your bag is lost then you will show the picture to the airport staff and security, and you will be of a great help in the search because visual images are much better productive. And there are people that still do not realize how powerful a selfie could be in desperate situations.