The Places to Visit in 2015


The world has unbearably many places to offer. If your start thinking about your country and how many interesting places you have yet to check out. And then think about the continent and back to the whole world. When we decide where to go we most certainly must do our research and know where the cool kids go. Every year there are new trends coming up in fashion. Lately it is exactly the same way with travel too.

A new year has just started and if you haven’t already planned a travel it is about time. We highly advise you to check out some of the most trendy places for 2015, so that you don’t miss anything worth seeing.

If you are a foodie you would most definitely want to visit Lima, Peru. It has build up a reputation as a city for food lovers. Lima has 8 restaurants in the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards and even the first place. The city of Lima can offer you a great variety of different places to go get a meal. No matter what you like you will find something for yourself.

Europe has always been a popular travel destination. Especially if you go there by plane or have a backpack trip around the continent with a train or a bus or a car. But this year there is a new way to see and explore Europe – on a river cruise. The cruises offer more refined and intimate meeting with the cultural experience. The whole idea is way different than the one with the ocean liners and stuff. The Danube can offer you a great path around some of the most amazing cities around the oldest continent. So if you like water travel don’t hesitate!

If you like the easy living we know the best place for you – Canberra. The city which is located in Australia was named the best place to live. I guess when you hear Australia you imagine the beaches and all, but the capital of the country has something way different to offer. It is located on the coasts of a lake and it offers the most peaceful way of living and having your time.

Italy is a dream for many. And as we know Rome wasn’t build in a day! A lot of people choose Rome for their travel, just because it is the most famous place in the country. Then there comes Florence. One of the sweetest and most romantic places ever. It is a historic jewel box filled with incredible art, museums, tiny little shops and restaurants. Don’t forget that the city is the home of Michelangelo and great love stories.

South Africa has always kept great places and secrets to be found. Though it used to be very expensive travel destination there were recent currency fluctuations and so it is becoming more affordable. Cape Town offers a lot of new hotels, public transportation and future projects that will make the city more tourist friendly. So if you like adventures plan your trip ahead and enjoy!

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