The Things you Don’t like in Yourself, That Men Love


We are thinking that we have flaws. We don’t like this and that in ourselves. And that is kind of a normal thing. I guess probably all of the people are insecure about one thing or another.
We girls tend to dislike things that we think men wouldn’t appreciate. And that is our biggest problem. First of all it turns out men don’t care that much about, well – anything! And secondly they do like a lot of the things we don’t. So in order to stop worrying so much read along and enjoy yourself.

Curvier body
After quite many researches and polls were made and results were outed it turns out that man actually prefer curvier women from the skinny ones. They find curvy women way more sexy than the modelesque type.
Of course the meaning of curvier isn’t way overly plus sized, because let’s face it first of all it is unhealthy. But men like women who have bigger hips or ass or both and stuff like that.
Men actually think that curvier women are more companionable and kind and that is another reason to love them!
So girls, enjoy and embrace your curves!

Good appetite
Because we live in some strange time, women think that having a good appetite and showing it in front of a man is an awful thing. The truth though – exactly the opposite.
Men actually admitted that when they go to dates they feel better about a girl, who would eat a dinner and a desert, without feeling guilty. They also said they don’t like women who would just stay the whole night at the dinner table just staring at a salad.
Being on way too serious and though diets is a drive back for men.

Small breasts
Girls your worrying about the bra size should stop now!
Men actually love a girl with smaller breasts – mostly because she can go without a bra, without looking like someone from a porn movie.
Also being at home with your guy, having a day off and you walking around with a tank without a bra is an amazing experience for him. They do love that! So now you know what to do, when at home with your special someone.

Cheaper clothes
Men appreciate a woman, who can dress up nicely and stylish, without spending a whole fortune on her clothes.
Guys like good looking and preppy girls. Love to see them wearing clothes that give them confidence. But they want to know that you can dress well with a small budget (no matter what you or he makes), rather than knowing that you can look good only if you go on a shopping spree at the most expensive boutiques.