Travel Destinations That Are Country and Rock ‘N’ Roll At The Same Time


Rock ‘N’ Roll is one of the most amazing musical and cultural movements. It is one of those things that icons are born with.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll comes from the USA and it developed in the late 1940s. Then it became famous all around the world in the 1950s. It was one of those things at times were forbidden in certain countries. But not anymore.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll is one of the most famous and liked music genres. There are many magazines and awards, which celebrate the style. Some its most famous icons are still alive today. For example Angus Young, Axl Rose, Elthon John. Some have long gone through, but their music will be with us for a long time – Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett. Janis Joplin. Those are the people many generations have grown up with and will continue to grow with.

On the other hand, we have the country music. It is (as its name states) suggested to be the music of the people. It is another genre that is born in the USA. But a little bit earlier – in the 1920s. And who hasn’t heard of Tenessee – the most country places of them all?

The country music is a strange genre that is a mix between American folk, western music and some old blues tunes. And although the combination is strange people really do love that. And till this day, although at the beginning the style wasn’t mean to last that long or be loved as much, it is the tune of the nation. It has also become popular in Europe. Many people nowadays try to choose country music and some really do succeed with it – Melissa Lawson, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and many more. And who doesn’t remember the greatest of them all – Dolly Parton?

You are probably wondering what those two things – Rock ‘N’ Roll and country have to do with one another?

Well, it turns out that quite a few American cities combine the Rock ‘N’ Roll and country in a perfect blend. The South now is one of the best and most interesting places to be. They are not old school anymore. They typically for country music, cowboy boots have been changed for some black though rock ‘n’ roll booties. The all country parts of the US now has places that have so much Rock ‘N’ Roll in them that it is hard to believe. Yet quite fun to see and enjoy.

Here is what I am talking about:


Nashville is one of those places that are very much known for its country music. It is the birth place of Blake Shleton and many more icons like him. It is an ‘its’ place to attend. It has its own Country Music Hall of Fame. But that is kind of cool. I like the idea of having a hall of fame for only country musicians. It is one of those places that remind you that not only ‘rock is not dead’, but country music isn’t too and will not be anytime soon.

  • Hatch Show Print

This is an iconic place for every person who was interested in history and trends at one point or another. It is a letterpress print shop. It opened in 1879 and it is one of the only ones that still function and impress to that day. Many posters you have seen on the internet – the vintage ones people like putting hash tags under, were made here, ages ago. It has one of those technique showcase spots in the hall of fame that you need to see. There is just something special to those posters.

  • Puckett’s Grocery

Do you like those old school, shops, trailer parks and gas stations you see in some magazine photo shoots?

Well, this place is authentically looking like that. It is a family owned business. Actually, it is a restaurant. Or it became one through the years. It has saved it’s originality. And although it has some modern stuff added to it, it still has its amazing flare and unbelievably delicious food.


This has been a spot for many travelers through time. It has been a favorite to many people who have road tripped through the USA no matter where they came from. The nation loves this place. And there probably are hindered reasons why.

Have you ever heard of the Texas Rose?

It is a significant thing for the city and if you come here (no matter when through the year) it is amazing to see it. BTW, Texas has an amazing techno music film festival. I think it is called a conference. And it probably was once just a conference, but now it is more of a festival with all its atmosphere and fun.

Add to that all the amazing places that should be visited:

  • Jester King Brewery

The name and the fact that it is the first thing someone will advise you to visit in Austin should talk about it a lot. This is a place that makes its own beers. And they are so tasteful (be sure to visit this place after you are 21 and you will very much enjoy it).

The brewery is located in an old Farmhouse that has saved its authenticity. It has a tasting room that can be visited freely on the weekends. With your visit you get a tour and you will see how is the beer actually made. Then you will taste it and it will all make sense.

  • La Barbecue

What is a town that makes its own beer, without a good steak place? This place is not the most famous one (like Franklin Barbecue, where you have to wait in line for a whole day), but is as good as those famous places.

And also it will be easier for you to find a table without waiting for hours. The people who run the place really do know their meat, how to make it and what to combine it with.

  • Elephant Room

Don’t be fooled by the name. It is not a place like a zoo or anything. It is something like a music venue. We all have heard about the amazing rock music venues around Austin. But this one is actually more of an underground bar that has jazz in it. And some nights it has rock or country. It combines the best.

On all of the weeknights you can get in the club for free and listen to it all live music performances. On the weekend there is a small entrance fee, but the music is more and the enjoyment is better.