What is the Right Birthday Dress for the Different Periods of Your Life?


Women go through quite many stages of their lives. As we all go through that – childhood, it is simple. There we have nothing to worry about. Later, though the fuss become bigger. And the problem with finding the right garment every day is tougher and the struggles get different with the age.

The good thing is that no matter how old we are, we have many options. And also we can keep our femininity. Through the way we communicate and through the way we dress too. But let’s face it, there are age appropriate things for us. The bad things is that for guys things are a little bit different. They have the opportunity to wear a T-shirt at any age. And their T-shirts through aging don’t change that much. The same applies for their jeans, sneakers or even biker jackets. So for them it is simple. It is us women who struggle a little bit more and must change styles about every decade.

Unfortunately, we don’t really like the idea of aging – you know wrinkles and stuff. But although some of us hate our birthdays that doesn’t mean that we can’t look gorgeous. No matter what the numbers on the cake say we will be obliged to be gorgeous. And not for another reason, but feel amazing for ourselves.

  • 18th Birthday

This is like the start of adulthood. You are young, but already have some responsibilities. This is the age you can vote, but can also be thrown in prison. So it comes with a lot of Ups and Downs. In Europe, for example, you can legally start drinking at that age. In the US though it is a little bit different. So for a European this is quite a big day. Also, this is the age a European can get a driver’s license.

No matter where you are and what the 18th birthday means there it is a significant age and it is something you must remember. This is the time where you can dress in literally anything. Girls that turn 18 though prefer short and sexy dresses. And how could they not! They are not getting any younger. Plus, it is kind of acceptable. So a short hemline and bright colors is what is good for an 18th birthday. Also, many girls that love black will choose that. But in my mind, there is nothing sexier than a LBD and some heels.

  • 21st Birthday

So as I already mentioned, if you are a US citizen this is the big birthday for you. You are probably finally having a night out clubbing, where you actually are allowed to drink and won’t have any problem getting in whatever club you want. So this is your time to dress in that perfect party dress that every girl in the club will be jealous of.

Since you are a bit older than on your 18th birthday you should probably think about a little bit longer dress. A good length is a hemline that reaches the knees. It is elegant, yet creams party and looks sexy. If it were me who was having a birthday (since I am born in May) I would choose something very light. And I would either choose a pastel color and combine it with some killer heels. Or a something black and backless or a dress with one shoulder. If you like complicated designs go for that. And if you are more about simple things to add some statement jewelry piece. This way you will stand out!

  • 30th Birthday

This is a whole new era of your life. Your 20s are what they are. And until you reach probably 28-29 it will all be kind of the same as a feeling (and as a way of dressing). But here it is, your 30th birthday. Things are changing and you are an adult in every kind of way. There is no more college, no more mom and dad paying everything for you. And you are not so relentless. So with age hemlines become longer and we become wiser. Also, our dresses must be more sophisticated and so are our drinks and friends.

The perfect length of the dress of a 30 year old woman (please don’t look at Beyonece’s dresses when she was 30 – not a good idea) is something that is knee length or just below the knee. Of course you can go for a mid-calf length. But when will you be younger and your legs will be prettier? So I would avoid that. Dressing up at that age is really only for yourself. No matter what you tell yourself at an earlier age, it is not real. So here it is the time to threat yourself with the dress you really love. Make it a higher and than what you were in your 20s. You should search for something elegant. That is not revealing too much. And it is not in a neon color that you will regret wearing later. The model should be something flattering. Since you might already be a mom, go for the dress you feel the sexiest and youngest with.

  • 40th Birthday

Don’t feel like everything has ended for you. For most women the 40th birthday is kind of a depressing one. But I don’t find it like that. I think it is a time to celebrate yourself and all that you have accomplished. At 40 you are wise, significant and gorgeous. You probably won’t have one of those crazy parties you used to have. Rather than an elegant dinner and drinks. But why could that not be fun?

The fact that you are 40 doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a beautiful, sexy and figure flattering dress. By the time between 40 and 50 are perfect for you to finally go for those floral prints you loved. Also, you can channel your inner Coco Chanel. She was the most sophisticated woman the world has known. And she knew the style. Of course don’t be down if you can not afford a Chanel dress or whatever. Just learn from her style and apply it to yourself. At 40 and all birthdays after that you need to go for a longer hemline (yes, no matter how amazing your legs are) it is just something you are supposed to do. Also plunging necklines are a ‘No! No!’. Not that you won’t be beautiful rather than that it is not anymore age appropriate. Choose what you feel comfortable in, but make sure it complements the way you look.