What To Do In Berlin

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If you want to go on a trip around Europe, I recommend you start at (or at least include) Berlin, Germany – one of the most significant cities in all Europe.

Berlin is not only a historical monument, but also a cultural center for all the young and artistic people of both Germany and Europe and definitely one of my favorite cities I have visited so far. And because going such a remarkable place can confuse you, I have gathered some of the most interesting and entertaining thing you can do in the following list in order to help you have fun and spend your time the best way possible if you ever wanted to visit Germany‘s capital.

Rent a bike

There‘s this thing in Europe that everyone, no matter if they‘re tourists or local, travel by bike and if you go to Berlin you should definitely follow that trend! Buy a map, rent a bike and just ride around the city to get to know it the most. You can stop for a drink in a local street bar or ask other bikers where you should go next – either way you‘ll have a lot of fun and will meet a whole lot of new people.

Just be sure to check the weather before renting a bike because German weather can sometimes be quite unpleasant!

Get to know the history

Berlin has a great history that you should most definitely get to know better. Go to some of the museums or just visit Berlin‘s greatest historical monument – the Berlin wall, and ask around to learn more about the history of a city and an event that has marked a whole era of Europe‘s history.

You can even visit it while riding bikes, but you‘ll have to be careful because of all the tourists that gather around the wall.berlin city center foto

Try the local cuisine

German cuisine is very specific and if you don‘t like trying new things, I would recommend t stay away from the local restaurants and bars. German people like eating a lot of meat and they also like adding a spicy flavor to it.

The first time I tried German food I felt like I was eating raw meat (which I‘m pretty sure I did), but I‘ll never forget the whole experience and I don‘t feel sorry for trying. Definitely try their wurst and drink some local German beer to make the experience more authentic.

The nightlife

People think that German people are very boring, but I have to say that Berlin is a whole new Germany when it comes to nightlife!

There are so many young people from all over the world that the city never sleeps and is ready for some fun and partying! Basically at night Berlin turns into a giant open air club – there are so many street bars, art cafes, nightclubs and pubs that gather people that you‘ll most certainly find your spot under the German sky.